Pi 314 Coffee Beer & More

13 Amalias Ave, 21100, Nafplio

T +30 27520 24655 F


If I miss something from my adult life, it is a cozy place to hang out, full of friends, with nice music, straight drinks and laughs. To go there spontaneously, unplanned, without company and t...

Coffee Island

Syngrou Ave & 1 Vas. Konstantinou Str, 21100, Nafplion (Old Town)

T +30 27520 29822 | 29828 F

E info@coffeeisland.gr

At the entrance to the Old Town, just before I start the beautiful walk in the streets of Nafplion, my attention is drawn to the coffee shop corner of Coffee Island.

Kontogiorgos Cafe

3 Akti Miaouli, 21100, Nafplio

T +30 27520 28686 F +30 27520 28686


There are two spots in Nafplio, from which at the same time you can enjoy great coffee and a view of history. One is the Miaouli Coast, where “Kontogiorgos” Cafeteria serves excellent cappuchin...

Xenon Cafe

Syntagmatos Square, 21100, Nafplio (Old Town)

T +30 27520 97580 F +30 27520 97581

E info@xenoninn.gr

Nafplio is always charming, any time of year. No matter how many times you go, you discover something new. But what makes it stand out are the constants values. As Xenon café, the all time clas...

3Sixty Cafe & Wine Bar

26 Papanikolaou Str, 21100, Nafplio (Old Town)

T +30 27520 28068 F +30 27520 28068

E 3sixtycafe@gmail.com

Since February 2012, Nafplio has its own hot spot, a trendy hangout that not only represents, but in practice proves that "the beautiful is the privilege of all of us."

Mavros Gatos

1 Sofroni & Mpoumpoulinas Str, 21100, Nafplio (Port)

T +30 27520 26652 F +30 27520 26652


In here you should definitely taste “honey raki” (made from grandma’s recipe), but also warm wine with fruits, if the weather is cold. Try also nice beer, served by sausages...

Iliostasio Cafe

9 Ακτι Miaouli, 21100, Nafplio

T +30 27520 26959 F +30 27520 26959


Perhaprs, it is the perfect location for a café. Either you walk in Akti Miaoulis by the sea, or you walk to the famous round of Arvanitia, all roads will lead to the Iliostasio Cafe. Here you ...

Sokaki Cafe

8 Ethnikis Antistaseos Str, 21100, Nafplio (Old Town)

T +30 27520 26032 F +30 27520 26032

E info@sokakicafe.gr

Sokaki has been and is the meeting point for visitors and locals. More than a “café bar”, it is part of the modern history of Nafplion!


3 Athanasiou Siokou Str, 21100, Nafplio (Old Town)

T +30 695 1180896 F

E vlass_7@hotmail.com

Skantzochiros is not only a café, not just a bar, not only bistro. Is all this together, and especially a very generous and welcoming cafe - shop.


Arvanitia Beach

T +30 27520 96031 F +30 27520 96031

E blublancbeach@gmail.com

Blublanc is a bar, which is located to the unique beach of Nafplion, just below and between the hill of Akronafplia and Palamidi.

Milos Cafe

67 Argous & Spartis Str, 21100, Nafplio

T +30 27520 96374 F +30 27520 28782

E dim.ath@windowslive.com

For almost five years a stop at Katsoulis bakery for the famous bread in the wood oven is in your daily schedule. From September 2014 that opened the Milos café simply combine this attitude wit...

Circulo Cooperativa

6 Bas.Konstantinou & Kokkinou Str, 21100, Nafplio (Old Town)

T +30 27520 47090 F +30 27520 47091

E info@circulo.gr

If you are looking for a place to hangout on your vacations, with different music, events and a piece of culture then Circulo Cooperativa is the perfect choice.



Syntagmatos Square, 21100, Nafplio (Old Town)





Aktaion Cafe

3 Akti Miaouli, 21100, Nafplio, (Paralia)

T +30 27520 27425 F



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