Andrei & Draga: "A raining wedding"

My wife and I can't thank Discover Nafplio Wedding Team enough for helping to make our wedding day perfect! It was more than we imagined and we have no words describing the sentiment we wear because of them!
We had a pretty short engagement and we were a little stressed from the beginning when we decided to make it happen same year (4 months apart) but mostly because we did it in other country than we live in but they helped to keep us organized with every detail. We enjoyed every step of the planning process because of them. 
We went for both wedding planning and as our florist. We live in Romania and Discover Nafplio Wedding Team helped us with vendors, venue, church and many other things from booking hotels and transportation for our guests to setting up reservations for bars and restaurants!

They are professional because you can trust that they know everything about wedding planning, etiquette, vendors, etc. They always replied to our inquiries within 12 hrs or less (many times within just minutes or hours). Many Skype calls and they were flexible because they were able to adjust their time when we asked. You would feel like your wedding is the only event they are planning and that is amazing because the feeling of trust and confidence is strong and you know 100% that the decisions you take are the right ones!

On the wedding day they kept everything and everyone within the planned timeline, they kept us calm and assured us that all is taken care of throughout the night especially because we had a very, very rainy day and that made everything more difficult. We have to say, they did an awesome job setting everything up and coordinating everything! We strongly believe no one could do it better and we would recommend to anyone looking for less stress and enjoyment leading up to their big day!

Overall our wedding was more than perfect and we can’t thank you enough for everything you did for us!

Thank you, Discover Nafplio team, for going above and beyond for us!

Andrei & Draga

#wedding #orthodox #destination wedding #nafplio #Greece wedding
#wedding #orthodox #destination wedding #nafplio #Greece wedding
#wedding #orthodox #destination wedding #nafplio #Greece wedding