Discover Nafplio is a brand new travel Web Portal of the city. Modern and unassuming, aspires through texts and images to convey the true magic of the area. Designed by a team of young people with a strong opinion, appetite for new discoveries and narrative talent leads you to discover every corner, every possible option. To live and learn the city as a resident.

Accommodation, dining, entertainment and shopping therapy, beaches and walks are the basic units that Discover Nafplio shows like nobody else has done so far. The web pages are full of true, selective proposals which are updated daily.

At the same time, with substantial references to history, museums, archaeological sites and places to see or visit, the picture is completed in the best way.

Events, local stories, tips and suggestions on our perspective will inspire you to plan your holiday, weekend and even your day trip to Nafplio.

So...Discover Nafplio