Αncient Tiryns

Just 8 km from Nafplio, you will find the archaeological site of Ancient Tiryns. The Mycenaean acropolis with cyclopean walls, came to light progressively from 1876 and today is one of the World Heritage Sites, worth a visit.

The Mycenaean acropolis
Tiryns has been inhabited since Neolithic times, until its destruction by the Argians in the first half of the 5th century. Famous are the "Cyclopean" walls, which, according to Homer, the Cyclops built themselves. The first mythical king of the city was the Proetus, great grandson of Danaus, or Nafplios . The monument for many years was under the ground has a lot of damages. However, there have been several successful rehabilitation efforts and the site is now open to visitors.

It is worth to see
At your visit at this archeological site, you can admire the West bastion, that is a great achievement of Mycenaean architecture, the famous for their size Cyclopean walls, Lower Acropolis and Geometric temple.

World Heritage Site
Greece, since 1981 has signed the Treaty of Unesco for the protection of monuments and world heritage sites. Its objective is protection from any kind of damage and destruction, so these monuments to pass on to future generations. At the Unesco international list have been included so far 17 monuments and sites in Greece, since they fulfill the predefined criteria to qualify paramount importance worldwide, historical, artistic, scientific, aesthetic, ethnological or anthropological point of view. Three of them are located in Argolis Mycenae, Ancient Tiryns and Epidaurus.

Did you know that?
According to legend, King Eurystheus of Tiryns, ordered the labors of Hercules.
Head of the first excavation was Heinrich Schliemann.

Opening Hours

Every day: 08:00 - 20:00

2€ for students outside EU and citizens EU over 65 people
Admission is free for the students of EU and children under 18 years.

With a ticket's cost only 20€, you can visit within 3 days (duration of ticket) the following 6 archaeological sites and Museums:
-Archaeological site and Museum of Mycenae
-Byzantine Museum of Argolis
-Archaeological site of Tiryns
-Archaeological Museum of Nafplio
-Palamidi Fortress
-Archaeological site of Assini

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