BPF Nafplio - "Greek Ads...Collection 1900-1970", Dec. 19th '22 - Jan. 29th 2023

Karonis old brandy Nafplio, Καρώνη Ναύπλιο

The Municipality of Nafplio and the Basil (Vassilis) Papantoniou Foundation (BPF), are organizing and presenting the exhibition of the Nafplian collector Mr. Christos Kostouros entitled "Greek advertisements and packaging boxes 1900-1970. Christos Kostouros Collection", in the cultural place of the BPF "Sofroni 13" in Nafplio.

The collection of Christos Kostouros is about his passion for saving authentic Greek advertisements and metal packaging boxes. His interest in acquiring them started from his teenage years, when he first saw them in black and white Greek movies and thus began a journey of searching for them, both in Greece and abroad. His collection is constantly being enriched with new objects and he feels that every time he acquires a piece, he saves a piece of culture. The fact is, that through the advertisements and the packaging boxes, one can discover a Greece of another era, more romantic, but also the passion of many businesses for quality and contribution in their country.

Free guided tour
Offered on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th of January 2023 at 12:00 noon, by the collector Mr. Christos Kostouros

Opening event
Sunday, December 18th 2022, at 19:00.
The inauguration is done by the Mayor of Nafplio, Mr. Dimitris Kostouros
On the opening day, the exhibition remains open from 11:00 to 20:30.

Ελληνικές διαφημίσεις έκθεση Ναύπλιο, Greek Ads exhibition Nafplio
Ελληνικές διαφημίσεις έκθεση Ναύπλιο, Greek Ads exhibition Nafplio

Exhibition's duration
Monday, December 19th 2022 until Sunday, January 29th 2023

The venue
"Sofroni 13" str., Nafplio old town, Τ. +30 2752 028947

Opening hours
Every day, 10:00-14:00

For entering, the same applies as to the "B. Papantoniou" Museum. The face-mask is voluntary.

Did you know that?
In "Sofroni 13", the new cultural space of the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation (PFF), starting from the summer of 2021 exhibitions, events etc. are hosted, with first the previous exceptional exhibition entitled "Philhellenic. Collection of Eleni Martinou".
The "B. Papantoniou" (ex Peloponnesian Folklore) Foundation (BPF) is a nonprofit institution based in Nafplion and aims at the research, preservation, study and presentation of the material culture of the Peloponnese as well as of the whole of Greece. It was founded in 1974 by Mrs. Ioanna Papantoniou in memory of her father. It is housed in the residence of B. Papantoniou, which was converted into a museum in 1981.

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