Fougaro Art Center

Fougaro Art Center Nafplio, Φουγάρο Ναύπλιο

"An Interactive Work of Art": with this ripe phrase, the Fougaro defines itself; and only when you get to know it up close do you realize it.

"What is Art?" The question, which artists, philosophers, academics have tried to answer over the years, perhaps I should put it from the beginning to the master mind of the Fougaro Art Center, visual artist and art collector, Mrs. Florika Kyriakopoulou. And yet, it wasn't necessary. Because -it seems- she herself knows well how to raise questions and reveal answers, through her most important -dare I call it- visual work: the Fougaro.

Fοugaro itself is Art and everything in Fοugaro is Art:
The plane trees, the mulberry trees, the acacias, the centuries-old olive trees, which respectfully reveal the past of the place and connect you to its future.
The architecture of the buildings, the dialogue between them and the choice of materials with stone, wood and cement mortar dominating the once industrial space.
A leisurely walk through the surrounding spaces, which brings you face to face with Herbert Mehler's sculptures, an oversized butterfly made of recycled materials, a philosophical saying written on a blackboard...
A collector's album or a rare edition in the Library, which makes you exceed in time in the "cocoon" of the reading room.
A relaxed drink at its Summer Bar -also a work of art- designed by the visual artist Mr. Manolis Haros.
The imposing blast furnace, which stands out from afar and is illuminated with fiery red in the evenings ("chimney, light & colored smoke" work by Florika P. Kyriakopoulos/ 2012).
The black and white footage of classic films in the "Three Trees" summer cinema, with a background of the starry sky and the scent of jasmine.The live music on Saturday nights, the pulse at the concerts of great artists, the wonderful music festivals.
Brushes, colors, the creations of personal expression for the young and old at the Painting Studio.
The endless laughter of the children, which reminds of the art of living your childhood, how else, playing freely and carelessly.

Fougaro Art Center Nafplio, Φουγάρο Ναύπλιο
Fougaro Now Women exhibition

Places of culture and spiritual uplift
GALLERY, BLUE 2, SPACE 9: Spaces focused on large or small-scale exhibitions, making Fougaro a destination for all those who love to discover life.

The heart of Art beats loudly in the Gallery, the central building of the historical "Anthos" industrial complex and one of the largest single exhibition spaces in the country.
I was lucky enough to be guided -but to be also left to my own interpretations- in several of exhibitions in the Gallery, in the last few years, standing out the retrospective "Tseklenis - The Years of Fashion" and the most recent named "Reds" by Florika Kyriakopoulos. The truth is, I am also looking forward to visit the exhibition "3" by Lefteris Olympios, the internationally recognized Cypriot painter. 

I really love this small, so special place, located next to the Fougaro Café-Bistrot, hosting small periodical exhibitions of works and art objects of Greek and foreign artists or contemporary art from the collection of Mrs. Florika Kyriakopoulos. With its door always open, it challenges you to see, feel, reflect...

With impressive architecture, aesthetics and theatricality, the independent area of "Space 9" is located next to the Fougaro Gallery and is structured on 2 levels, hosting small periodic exhibitions of works and art objects by Greek and foreign artists.

Children's joy
Fougaro Art Center may be a multi-purpose venue, aimed at all ages, but a great part of its heart is generously offered to children.
With workshops in visual arts, painting, theatrical play, sculpture, ceramics, free drawing, storytelling, educational workshops with a theme linked to each exhibition in the Gallery, weekend activities and Day Camps on Christmas, Easter and summer, the Fougaro is filled with children's voices and colorful optimism.
The children create, experiment, discover their possibilities in Art, but above all they play in all the surrounding spaces, while the Park is also taking shape: a green outdoor space dedicated to children for workshops, games, parties, cycling, skating, joy!
In the excellent and special environment of the Fougaro Art Center, which does not rest on its glory, but is constantly renewing and evolving, you open new horizons, you "dive" in the deep and -why not- you have a really good time! This is also a form of art, worth discovering...

Fougaro concert Nafplio, συναυλία στο Φουγάρο Ναύπλιο
Fougaro Gallery Olympios, Φουγάρο γκαλερί Ναύπλιο Ολύμπιος

Did you know that?
Fougaro turned 10 years old on October 28th 2022, and kept surprises for us, invitations and lovely events...
The spaces are available for conferences, corporate events, weddings, christenings, parties, receptions and private gatherings.
At the Fougaro Café-Bistrot you can enjoy light dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, coffee, sweets and drinks.
There is a large parking lot available, also with a supply for charging your electric car!

Information - Contact
Fougaro Art Center, 98, Asklipiou Ave., Nafplio GR 211-00 Argolis Greece
Secretariat Hours of Operation: Monday to Thursday 10:00 – 18:00
Τ +30 27520 47300

Operating period
All year round

Festive Opening Hours
Wednesday, Dec. 20th 2023 to Sunday, Jan. 1st 2024: open every day 10am – 11pm
Dec. 25th 2023 & Jan. 1st 2024 closed
Summer Opening Hours
From Wednesday, June 14th 2023, Fougaro Art Center will be open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 5pm until late.
The Fougaro Workshops and Libraries will operate from 5 until 10 pm, and Fougaro Gallery will be open from 6 until 10 pm.
Winter Opening Hours
Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:00 am until midnight
Closed on Monday.

Fougaro Homeland Landscapes
Fougaro Gallery Olympios, Φουγάρο γκαλερί Ναύπλιο

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