Arvanitia Beach

There is nothing better, than staying in a town that makes you enjoy its beauty all year round! Εverything here is within walking distance. Imagine a summer scenery: you finish work at noon, you take a towel and a swimsuit and, without even driving, you are at the beach in 10 minutes. You couldn't think of anything better!

A beach inside the city
The beach is located just below Palamidi castle, under Themistocles' bastion in particular. Its length is only 200 meters, but its waters are clear and in fact awarded with a "Blue Flag". 
Here you can find umbrellas and sunbeds, shower, WC and of course coffee, drinks and snacks.
In case you come from far away by car, there is free parking at the entrance. The favorite beach of Nafplio's residents will become your favorite too!

Did you know that?
According to the legend: The area got its name from the great massacre of Albanian mercenaries in 1779. The legent says that Captain Pasha deceitfully guided them to Palamidi castle and from there, he threw them down into the sea.
In fact: From the years of the Venetians, there were Albanians living in the area and they gave the area the name Arvanitia.


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