Kandia Beach

The truth is, that most of people go to Kandia for its famous beach bar. As they are having nothing but a good time there, they usually don't bother walking a little further. A little further on though, you will find family-type beach bars, that combine sun beds, sand with fine pebbles, ideal for playing with small pails, kid's shovels and all what is needed for "building palaces in the sand". Athletic dads and moms can also play beach volleyball.

Better alone
Even for those who want more privacy and have their own umbrella, there is a welcoming space in Kandia, a few steps further. At the end of the beach, just before the small swamp, you can enjoy your "private beach" away from all the beach bars. Take your umbrella, something to drink and a snack and enjoy the sun and the clean blue sea until the sunset.

Did you know that?
Perfect beach for wind surfers, as the winds get stronger after 1 pm! In the afternoon usually the beach has waves.


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