Kastraki Beach

Are you tired of the busy beaches and want to calm down, taking away the stress of the city? If you wish for a place to relax, then Kastraki Beach is the perfect place for you. Next to Ancient Assini's cyclopean walls and just 500 meters from Tolo village, another beautiful and clean beach, "Kastraki", is waiting for you to offer you moments of relaxation. It is a small beach with pebble stones and sand. Its bottom is sandy and its waters are crystal clear.

A place just for me
After many days on the popular beaches of the area, I do want something different. I consider starting with my scooter from Nafplio. The more adventurous ones, can also take their bicycle. In 20 minutes I reach Ancient Assini's beach. I follow on my left the small road, I pass in front of a camping's entrance and I finally reach the beach. I carry with me all the necessary stuff, a hat, a towel -an umbrella would also be useful- and I am ready to enjoy the sea and the summer.

Did you know that?
The most romantic point of Tolo is the famous "Red Rock", just above the Kastraki beach. It is a summer bar on a rock, casting colored lights at night on it and offering a lovely view.

Worth to see
If you're not too tired, take a stroll among the ruins of the ancient Assini's acropolis. You might see its famous king somewhere around, reminiscent of old glories.

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Kastraki beach

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