National Gallery - George Iakovidis, February 7th 2020

The National Gallery - Alexandros Soutsos Museum, Nafplion Annex and the The Argolis Association of Philologists are organizing a series of lectures on "Modern Greek Art in the 19th Century". Greek painters will be featured, whose works are hosted in the periodical exhibition of the annex entitled "Scent of a Woman".

Content of lectures
In the context of the lectures it will be examined, among other things, why Nikephoros Lytras (1832-1904) is considered as "founder" of Modern Greek painting and art forms by Nikolaos Gyzis (1842-1901) will be approached, that classify him as one of the pioneers of the art movements at end of 19th century.
On Friday, February 7th 2020 it will also be clarified why the painting of George Iakovidis (1853-1932) differs from the social preaching of realists or from the painting of the romantics and the symbolists; and in a later date, how in the work of Theodore Rallis (1852-1909) the nostalgia of the East is shown and the worship of the exotic and the paradox.
The circle of lectures will be completed with two prominent women painters: first with Thalia Floras-Karavia (1871-1928), student of Nikolaos Gyzis and George Iakovidis, and then with Sofia Laskaridou (1882-1965), student of Nikiforos Lytras. They were born in the last quarter of the 19th century and stood out for their dynamism and personality. They have opened new roads for the assuming and appreciation of their gender and have been pioneers in the renewing artistic movement of the early 20th century.

Dates of lectures

October 11th 2019
Nikiforos Lytras (1832-1904), the founder of the Munich School
December 13th 2019
The painter Nikolaos Gyzis (1842-1901), his life, his work and era
February 7th 2020
George Iakovidis (1853-1932), the painter of childhood
April 8th 2020
Theodore Rallis (1852-1909), the leading Greek Orientalist
June 25th 2020
Thalia Flora-Karavia (1871-1928) and Sofia Laskaridou (1882-1965), pioneering Greek painters

Mrs. Lambrini Karakourti, Annex Curator

The venue
National Gallery, Nafplion Annex
23, Sidiras Merarchias Str. Nafplio, +30 27520 21915 & 21935

Starting time
19:00 (until 22:00)


Did you know that?
On June 21st 2019, at the National Gallery -Alexandros Soutsos Museum Nafplion Annex, the exhibition “Scent of woman” is opened. Twenty-nine modern Greek paintings from the collections of the National Gallery and E. Koutlidis Foundation are presented at the exhibition, promoting the woman’s image through representative portraits and genre paintings. Works by the most important Greek painters keep extolling the woman, while they tell us about the woman΄s position in the Greek society.

National Gallery Nafplio lectures, διαλέξεις στην Εθνική Πινακοθήκη Ναυπλίου

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