3Sixty - Greek taste event, Friday, November 18th 2022

ελληνικά προϊόντα γης, Greek deli products

The city's favorite hangout, the trendy 3Sixty, presents a special tasting menu with products from all over Greece and invites us on Friday, November 18th 2022 to an innovative dinner event, honoring small Greek producers.

The cuisine of this country -Greece- has always been based on the power of raw materials, seasonality and tradition. Simple cuisine, without complex techniques, but with exquisite taste, which reflected the knowledge of the land and the sea in its primary form. Today, the Greek countryside continues to generously gift us with this authentic taste of its places and traditions.
For this reason, 3Sixty in collaboration with Delio Food Hub has planned a trip across Greece, with the flavors of the valuable products of small producers. A journey of 9 destinations, with dishes that combine 48 different products from every corner of our country. New producers deliver products of high nutritional value and unsurpassed taste. The responsibility of discovery and enjoyment is left to you...

3Sixty Nafplio
3Sixty βραδιά Greek taste, 3Sixty Greek taste event

Date - Time
Friday, November 18th 2022, from 20:30 on..

Upon reservation and Menu price
Limited vacancies

Information - Reservations
3Sixty Grill Dining
26, Papanikolaou str., 211 00 Nafplio (Old Town)
Τ. +30 2752 28068

Did you know that?
Delio Food Hub is a Greek Delicatesseria, that offers a unique food experience based on local Greek products through a full diner course of 5 stages without cooking at all. Unique, classy, stylish and tasteful experience. Food pairing and wine pairing are also available upon request.
Founder of Delio Food Hub, with the "product of the day" (a platform for presenting Greek products from small producers) is the inventive food coach Harry Tzannis, who oversees this tasteful evening.
You can enjoy all local wines here, while you can buy the bottle of your choice from the cellar (in the basement).
After the festive dinner, continue with fantastic cocktails or the drink of your choice at the adjacent 3Sixty Café & Wine Bar, with loud music until morning!

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