Alkioni - "Oenogenesis" wine tasting, Saturday, May 6th 2023

Αλκυόνη Ναύπλιο, Alkioni wine bar Nafplio Greece

Our beloved Alkioni wine bar, in cooperation with the 3Sixty Grill Dining, presents this Saturday, May 6th 2023 a unique program, with a wine tasting from Macedonia Greece! The "Oenogenesis" Estate from the area of Drama, invites us to discover fine culinary local traditions together...

Oenogenesis is owned and operated by one of the greatest oenologists of Greece, Mr. Bakis Tsalkos (trained and experienced in Montpellier and Bordeaux for most of his life). He belongs to the generation of oenologists who revived the Greek wine industry, and he single-handedly created the winemaking industry of Drama in the 80’s, the youngest one of Greece. His principle is the absence of anything chemical, with as little intervention or spraying in the vineyard as possible. At least 85% of grapes used, grow in the 30 hectares of estate owned vineyards.
Drama is situated on the foothills of mountain “Falakro” (literally “bald”, although the locals call it “the mountain of the flowers”), in Macedonia Greece. Drama built is in an area full of green and a lot of water. Very beautiful and hospitable, it has many picturesque neighborhoods, large squares, areas with green and well maintained classic mansions. It is ideal for tourism in the Winter, as well as Fall and Spring excursions out in nature.

This wine tasting event is coming to Alkioni right after the 8th Mediterranean Yacht Show, the big naval event  that the city of Nafplio has been hosting in the recent years, in order to introduce our visitors to the wealth of Greek wine production. The timing is excellent and the combination of wine and sea is amazing!...

Alkioni wine bar at 26, Vassileos Alexandrou str., Nafplio (old town)

Saturday, May 6th 2023 

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Τ. +30 27520 99231

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Αλκυόνη γευσιγνωσία Οινογένεση, Oenogenesis winetasting at Alkioni Nafplio Greece
Oenogenesis building Greece

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