Alkioni wine bar - Estate Argyros wine tasting, Saturday, March 25th 2023

Κτήμα Αργυρός, Estate Argyros

On Saturday, March 25th 2023, Aiolos and Alkioni wine bar will host "Ktima Argyros" for a unique vertical tasting evening of Cuvee Monsignori, from the years 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

In a truly special evening, "Ktima Argyros" invites us to taste at Alkioni wine bar one of the diamonds of Cycladic wine richness, the Cuvee Monsignori. We will discover the characteristics and evolution of the wine through its paths, we will find flavors, aromas... words and memories... we will become poets! Because wine is poetry inside a bottle!...

Mrs. Giota Ioakimoglou, Marketing Manager of Ktima Argyros.

Alkioni wine bar at 26, Vassileos Alexandrou str., Nafplio (old town)

Date - Starting time
Saturday, March 25th 2023 at 20:30


Τ. +30 27520 99231

Communication - Information
Τ. +30 27520 26828 & Τ. +30 693 1397 760

Did you know that?
Estate Argyros is a leading estate of Greece, the premier private vineyard owner on the island of Santorini as well as one of the oldest wine families in the country, continuously producing amazing wines for more than 110 years.
Estate Argyros has been established in 1903, but the Argyros family has been involved in wine production for decades before that.
With more than 150 selected labels, to shop or to try quality wine, for individual wine tasting or celebrating with friends, the guys at Alkioni will take care of you and guide you through the secrets of good wine! 

Estate Argyros Santorini, Κτήμα Αργυρός Σαντορίνη
Alkioni Nafplio Argyros winetasting event 25-03-2023

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