Alkioni wine bar - Karamolegos winetasting, Saturday, May 27th 2023

Αλκυόνη μπαρ Ναύπλιο, Alkioni wine bar Nafplio

On Saturday, May 27th 2023, Aiolos and our beloved Alkioni wine bar will host for the first time, the Artemis Karamolegos Winery of Santorini. At the wine tasting offered, we will enjoy some of the most remarkable vinifications of the Santorini vineyard.

Based upon the solid foundations of granddad Artemis’s winemaking tradition since 1952, the winery made a dynamic entry in contemporary winemaking in 2004, when grandson Artemis Karamolegos invested in the production facility and the privately owned vineyards, producing wine of protected designation of origin (PDO) for the first time. Almost 15 years later, their wines keep earning prizes at international and domestic competitions while their export activities continue to grow on a yearly basis: this is currently the third largest winery of Santorini, in terms of production volume.
Vine cultivation and wine production is linked to the history of Santorini, its culture and its economy. It is lost as deep in time as deep in the ground the roots of the vine are found. The excavations in the prehistoric and preserved site at Akrotiri area have shown, that vines were cultivated there since at least the 17th century BC. 
The basket-like way of pruning and "winding" the vines, which is called "kouloura", is due to the harsh weather conditions that have always existed on the island, the dry and inhospitable volcanic soil and mainly the very strong wind. Thus the "kouloures"-vineyards of Santorini were invented, whose cultivation is rather difficult and painful. Fortunately, nature has blessed the vineyards and, although the volcanic soils of the island with the strong winds create very inhospitable conditions and a completely dry environment, almost miraculously, the soil retain underground the water from the limited rainfall.

Νυκτέρι Καραμολέγκος Σαντορίνη, Nykteri wine Karamolegos Santorini
Αλκυόνη Οινογευσία Καραμολέγκος, Alkioni Karamolegos winetasting

Content of Tasting
The tasting offered to us, includes the following labels of the estate:
34 Santorini 2020
Pyritis 2019
Nykteri 2018
Mystirio, Santorini Natural Cuvee

Alkioni wine bar at 30, Vas. Olgas str., Nafplio (old town)

Date - Starting time
Saturday, May 27th 2023 at 19:30


Τ. +30 693 139 7760

Did you know that?
The Karamolegos Winery combines the Tasting, with a meal at the privately owned restaurant Aroma Avlis Food & Wine, which is right next door.
Αpproximately 7000 acres of Assyrtiko are cultivated and vinified in Santorini today, followed by the Aidani and other, red and white, grape varieties, including the excellent Mavrotragano. The arid-dry soil, suitable for viticulture of wine grape varieties, is of volcanic origin and sandy composition, so they present very particular properties and features.
With more than 150 selected labels, to shop or to try quality wine, for individual wine tasting or celebrating with friends, the guys at Alkioni will take care of you and guide you through the secrets of good wine! 

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