Nafplio - 13th Palamidio Martial Arts Championship, 2 & 3 November 2019

The "Choy Lee Fut Kung-fu" Sports Clubs are announcing the 13th "Palamidio Martial Arts Championship" in Nafplio, on the weekend of November 2nd and 3rd 2019. This is a combat sports tournament in a well-organized two-day sport event in gentle competition, that has now become an institution.

In this event, taking into account the participation of previous years, over 500 athletes are expected to participate from all over Greece (indicatively, innings of schools and athletes are marked by Crete, Patras, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Agrinio Athens, Syros, Rhodes, etc.). It is worth mentioning in particular, the participation of athletes from abroad (Romania, Portugal and Serbia) who have already registered.
During the weekend of the championship, about two thousand spectators and fans of fighting sports are expected to be visiting Nafplio, boosting up the city and its local market.

The Venue
Nafplio Indoor Stadium


Info - registrations
Hellenic Choy Lee Fut & Luohan Qigong:

Did you know that?
During the two days of the championship, there will also be parallel events, in collaboration with the Argolis Blood Donors Association ("Blood Ties") and the Bone Marrow Donor Information and Attraction Center of University of Patras (KEDMOP ). The KEDMOP - "Give Life", raising public awareness and based on the principle of volunteering, is doing a great job in finding compatible volunteer donors for patients who need immediate bone marrow transplantation.
The highlight of these actions will be on Saturday midday: the acquaintance inside the stadium of a graft donor with the patient, who received the life-saving transplant, thereby making all attendees -athletes and spectators of the Championship- to eyewitness a top moment that honors life, love, solidarity and humanity.
The championship is under the auspices of the Greek Federation of Yusou Kung-fu, the Pan-Hellenic Federation of Kick Boxing and the Nafplio Municipal Organization of Culture and Sports.

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