Carnival in Nafplio 2020 - The whole city… a stage

The carnival events in Nafplio, with this year's theme also being "The whole city... a stage", began with the opening of the "Triodio" on Sunday, February 9th 2020. It is the 30th Nafplio Carnival this year!

Unfortunately, this was finally canceled, due to the measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, that caused an epidemic in many countries -and in our neighboring Italy. Following the announcement by the Minister of Health of the cancellation, for precautionary reasons, of all open carnival events nationwide, the Municipality of Nafplio cancels all the events scheduled for the Carnival for the period until Clean Monday, March 2nd 2020.

The festivities would be completed with the Nafplio Carnival Ending Ceremony, on Sunday, March 1st 2020. The talented actress Mathilde Maggira would be the person to present the big Carnival Celebration and parade on this last Carnival's Sunday.

In Nafplio the Carnival is identified with the "Venetian Nafplio" (a reminder of the Venetian presence), an event that provokes our imagination and takes us to the era of the Republic of Venice's dominance, at a time of great impact for our country, that also marked Nafplio culturally and historically. Halloween events take place mainly in the city of Nafplio and in Tolo. Festivities are taking place in each village, with the care and cooperation of cultural clubs and the hospitality of the residents.
Ash Monday always finds locals and visitors in the countryside for the custom of kite flying, most often in Karathona beach.

Events schedule

Sunday, February 9th 2020

12:00 in Nafplio
At the opening of the "Triodio" custom, the public criers of the Nafplio Carnival visit neighborhoods of the city and proclaim the beginning of the great carnival celebration. They call young and old to masquerade and to get out on the streets dancing and having fun, as the carnival tradition demands.
As every year, opening of the "Triodion" period, the traditional Gaitanaki custom takes place. From the Kapodistrias Square, cultural associations and dance groups holding their colorful maypoles dance in circles, symbolizing the spirit of fellowship, love and unity. They end up in Syntagma Square, to continue the party.

Saturday, February 15th 2020
17:00 in Assini
The Association "Kastraki, Folklore Dance Group of Assini and Agia Paraskevi" participates in carnival events with mask making, Harlequin costume making and presenting its history at the Assini Primary School.
18:00 in Kandia
The Kandia Folklore and Education Association revives the custom of fires in the courtyard of the former Primary School, with music, dance, entertainment and treats for everyone.

Sunday, February 16th 2020
12:00 in Nafplio, Syntagma Square
The dance team of "Chorokinisi" excites us with carnival mimetic dances.
12:00 in "Fougaro" cultural place, The New Library
Carnival fairy tale "The Carnival of Animals". Narrated by: Fouli Louka

Thursday (Grill Day), February 20th 2020
11:00 in Nafplio
Grill Day ("Tsiknopempti") celebration in almost every square and school in Nafplio and the surrounding villages!
19:00 in Pronia district - beside the Marble Fountain
The Libera Musicae "Crustic" Group, along with the "Friends of PLI" dancing group disguised and cheerful, depart from the March 25th Str. (the Labor Center's building) and walk in the streets of Pronia (providence) dancing and singing, accompanied by wind instruments, percussion and traditional folk songs. They lift the people's mood up and they finish their parade at the Marble Fountain at 20:30, where they gather to enjoy traditional festive folk songs from a live orchestra of notable local musicians and singers.

Friday, February 21st 2020
18:30 in Nafplio, the Argolis Music School
The Percussion Ensemble of the Argolis Music School sets the pace to the old city of Nafplio giving cheerfulness and joy to the residents of the city.
19:00 in New Tiryns
The New Tiryns Educational and Cultural Association is celebrating in the main square hosting a carnival event with masquerades, teasing, fires, souvlaki, music, plenty of wine and a lot of dancing.

Saturday, February 22nd 2020
12:00 in "Fougaro" cultural place, The New Library
Carnival fairy tale "The Gaitanaki". Narrated by: Mrs. Katerina Dima
12:00 in Trianon Nafplio (Syntagma Square)
Workshop manufacturing Venetian masks of plaster, painting and decorating techniques with fabric, feathers, beads and many other materials. Head of workshop: Mrs. Dora Apostolides (Art Factory).
18:00 in Nafplio
As every year, the traditional Gaitanaki custom takes place. From the Three Admirals' Square, cultural associations and dance groups (such as the Dance Group of the Friends of "PLI", the Nafplio Cultural Athletic Association "Chorokinissi", the Dance Group of the Agia Triada Cultural Club, the "Tatsis" Dance School and the Dance Group of the 4th Primary School of Nafplio) holding their colorful maypoles dance in circles, symbolizing the spirit of fellowship, love and unity. They end up in Syntagma Square, to continue the party.
Then, the party continues with the musical band "Three & One", a group of musicians who began their performing career in 2012 with passion for music. They will entertain us with folk, "rebetika" and other known traditional songs.
Late at night... the Dance Group "Friends of PLI" are inviting us at Modus café, to finish with a wild Halloween party!
20:00 in Nafplio old town
A group of Ladies dressed in costumes of the Venetian period are strolling in the streets of the old town and are being photographed with you!

Sunday, February 23rd 2020
11:30 in Nafplio, Syntagma Square
The Greek Dance Workshop presents events, songs and dances inspired by folk tradition.
12:00 in "Fougaro" cultural place, The New Library
Carnival fairy tales and songs. Presented by Mrs. Georgia Mikou.
12:00 in Nafplio, Syntagma Square
Children paint kites. The Children's Workshop of Art of the National Gallery and the "Alexandros Soutsos" Museum creates an open-air art kite workshop. The workshop is targeted at children from 6 to 12 years old. The children will have the opportunity to express themselves creatively by painting imaginative kites and decorating them with colorful "tails", that will bring to the sky messages of love, joy and optimism, that the children will have written on them. At the end of the workshop, the painted kites will be given to the children to fly them on Clean Monday, flooding the sky with beauty and positive messages, to all the city residents and visitors. Workshop leader: the artist Mrs. Magda Mara.
19:00 in Nafplio
The Nafplio Choral Workshop, under the direction of Mr. Yiannis Nikolopoulos, sings serenades and carnival songs in the streets of the city.
19:30 in Drepano village
The Cultural Association of Drepanon invites everyone to the "Lighting the fire" custom, in the main square. A celebration for all ages. We wear our costumes and our good mood. Music, pork skewers ("souvlaki"), wine, traditional Gkogkes and sweet milk-pie are waiting for us… Having perfected our disguise, we seek to find the one person that we cannot fool. Robert Brault: How many can you deceive?

Friday, February 28th 2020
19:30 in Pirgiotika village
The Educational and Cultural Association of Pirgiotika "Agios Georgios" invites everyone to the burning of the Carnival King. Local women will offer us Gkogkes, the favorite food of Carnival. It will be followed by a a big feast and traditional party with fires and lots of fun.
20:00 in Nafplio old town
The Municipal Joint Polyphonic Choir, the Municipal Youth Choir "Choirobics" and the Children's Choir of Nafplio "Tamperamento" with instruments accompaniment, offer fun and joy with their songs in the old town of Nafplio and unite with locals and visitors, to celebrate Carnival. Teaching - direction: Mr. Theodossis Antoniadis.

Saturday, February 29th 2020
10:00 in "Fougaro" 
cultural place
Carnival party for adults! Dress up for the leap year, come and have fun and dance! DJ Set Vassilis Economopoulos.
11:00 in Nafplio, Syntagma square
For the 30th consecutive year, the "Game of the Hidden Treasure" takes place. Supervisor: Mr. George Alexiou
12:00 in "Fougaro" cultural place, The New Library
Fairy tale "The Three Carnival Ribbons". Narrated by: Mrs. Eleni Kologeropoulou
12:00 in Trianon Nafplio (Syntagma Square)
Workshop manufacturing Venetian masks of plaster, painting and decorating techniques with fabric, feathers, beads and many other materials. Head of workshop: Mrs. Dora Apostolides (Art Factory).
20:00 - The Venetian Nafplio
The Nafplio Municipal Cultural Organization and the Ladies Group and the "PLI Friends" Association invite us to the "Venetian Nafplio". The Helix Street Theater with a ten-member actors' group at the Three Admirals Square (Town Hall Square) presents a Road spectacle entitled "Street Comedy with Dreams and Illusions". It is a performance for children and adults inspired by Commedia Dell 'Arte. Impressive figures on stilts, Renaissance music, jugglers and comical situations, acts with fires and fireworks try to impress us!
Continuing various theatrical groups and the city's Street Carnivalists; all start from the Three Admirals' Square (Town Hall Square) the magical journey of the Commedia dell 'Arte... They play with the public, they sometimes "freeze", with their presence announcing the arrival of the great group of Street Theater artists, the famous Hellix Action Theater. Together they end up at Syntagma Square dancing, where the Dominoes with the sounds and the rhythm of the tarantellas drift the public to follow their footsteps!
Right after, the "Encardia" take over, a Greek band whose music is inspired by the musical and cultural landscape of the Greek-speaking regions of Lower Italy.

Sunday, March 1st 2020
10:30 in Tolo, Main carnival festivities
The Nafplio Municipal Cultural Organization in cooperation with the Tolo Cultural Association, the local Schools and the Association of Professionals involved in tourism, organize the Main carnival festivities and a big party for children and everyone feeling alike, in Tolo village center, at Sekeri Street. We celebrate with a big carnival parade, entertainers, many surprises, games for young and old, face painting, masks and kite-making, as well as many wonderful homemade treats.
Nafplio - The Big Carnival parade at 17:00
The big Carnival Parade, to be presented this year by the talented actress Mathilde Maggira, starts at the Sidiras Merarchias Street, in front of the National Gallery - Alexandros Soutsos Museum (Nafplion Annex) and led by King "Karnavalos", it marches along Syggrou St., Amalias Avenue, Koletti str., when all carnivalists and chariots are ending in Nafplio Port (Place "Π"). A street carnival with giant colorful puppets. A fantastic parade where people and animal figures are moving, Street Carnival dancers from the schools and cultural clubs of Nafplio, as well as participants from different parts of Greece, escorted by decorated chariots, in vivid rhythmic dances and games accompany the Carnival King on his journey to... the big fire... Colorful fireworks will then light up the sky!
We continue in the Filellinon Square with the Batuca group and the Paso Latino dancers, in rhythms of latin music, salsa, bachata and animation.
The party will end with a live concert by Mr. Bachatta and his friends!

Ash Monday, March 2nd 2020
"Koulouma" custom in the City of Nafplio and in Karathona beach, where colorful kites fly all around the sky...

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