Nafplio - 2nd Exhibition of Local Products, April 29th to May 3rd 2023

Έκθεση Τοπικών Προϊόντων Ναύπλιο, Exhibition of Local Products Nafplio

On Saturday, April 29th 2023 in the evening, at the Port of Nafplio, in parallel with the 8th Mediterranean Yacht Show, the Municipality of Nafplio inaugurates the 2nd Exhibition of Local Products.

With this second Exhibition of Local Products, in the context of the 8th Mediterranean Yacht Show, the exhibitors of local products are given the opportunity to display and promote them outside the borders of Greece. The goal is to promote the quality and uniqueness of local products, as well as to boost entrepreneurial activity.
At the same time, cultural events are planned, which will accompany the exhibition. The "Morias", "Horossimo" and "Horokinissi" dance groups and the Association of Pontiacs of Argolis participate in the opening ceremony.

Philhellenon square, port of Nafplio

Duration - dates
Saturday, April 29th 2023 (opening ceremony at 21:00) until Wednesday, May 3rd 2023


Did you know that?
On the same dates, the 8th Mediterranean Yacht Show takes place in the Port of Nafplio; the exhibition of professional crewed yachts offering the opportunity to an international audience of charter brokers to see closely the vessels available for chartering in Greece and throughout the Eastern Mediterranean, to meet their crews and learn about the features and options they provide.
The organization is implemented under the responsibility of the Municipality of Nafplio and the Municipal Organization of Culture, Environment and Sports (DOPPAT).

Έκθεση Τοπικών Προϊόντων Ναύπλιο, Exhibition of Local Products Nafplio
Πλατεία Φιλελλήνων Ναύπλιο, Phelhellenon Square Nafplio, Filellinon plateia Nafplio

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