Nafplio has dressed up for Christmas and is waiting for us!

Nafplio christmas 2021

If Greek Christmas tales had a capital, then it would surely be Nafplio. A city with castles and stories like from a fairy tale; a Christmas fairy tale for young and old children!

Some will reasonably wonder, just how much of a fairy tale fits into the already fairytale-setting of this city!... And yet, if you add Christmas-lights, decorative stardust and lots of imagination, then the setting becomes dreamy! The truth is, that this city is like no other in Greece! Yesterday, as I was walking in the streets just before dawn, in total calmness, I felt like I was on a magical stage waiting for the curtain to open…
The Christmas curtain -I hear- will open on Saturday, December 11th 2021 at 5:30 pm, during a wonderful celebration in Syntagma Square, with the lighting of the Christmas tree. There, the beloved Carmen of fairy tales, Mrs. Carmen Rouggeri, with her magic wand will travel our little ones and all friends of Christmas, to magical worlds we adore…

Christmas in Nafplio 2022
Christmas in Nafplio 2021

Like every year, Santa Claus will leave Caesarea for a while to visit his friends in Nafplio. Accompanied by his valuable assistants and loaded with gifts, he will walk all around the city sharing wishes. He will turn the spinning-wheel in the themed park in Kapodistrias' Square, unrolling the thread, for the fairy-tale Narrators to "weave" their stories.
However, again this year, the Municipal Authority, putting the protection of the citizens' health above all, finally cancels all the planned festive events of these twelve days, except of the open-air Christmas market. The prevailing scientific view of the rapid spread of the "O" mutation of the coronavirus and the occurrence of cases in our country contributed to this decision.

Dreamy stay!...

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On New Year's Eve, many will want to attend a New Year's Eve celebration party, while others will prefer to gather at home joining the family. Regardless of your personal preference, Nafplio has a proposal for you, if you will want to be outside, in the squares and alleys, when the clock strikes midnight. If you do not want to feel alone and prefer being amongst people, then give your New Year's appointment in the Three Admiral's (Trion Navarchon) square or the Syntagma square. New Year's Eve always offers an open, spectacular party!...

Stylish and festive!

Moreover, if you want to lose yourselves in one of the most beautiful Christmas markets, then we suggest a walk on the pedestrian King Constantine's street or all around the old town. You will buy wonderful handmade ornaments, you will taste local delicacies and you will enjoy the acts and performances of the Municipal and other Associations of Culture -as many at least will be allowed by this year's health protocol.

Healthful presents!...

If, finally, you are one of those who have not come up yet with a plan for the Christmas holidays or you have not yet entered the appropriate atmosphere, it is time to review and organize your most memorable festive trip! In order to make the best selection, follow us @discovernafplio.

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Christmas 2021 in Nafplio, Χριστούγεννα 2021 στο Ναύπλιο
Christmas 2021 in Nafplio, Χριστούγεννα 2021 στο Ναύπλιο

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