Nafplio - Tales from Asia Minor, Saturday, October 15th 2022

παλιά πόλη Ναυπλίου Ακροναυπλία, Nafplio old town Acronafplia

They say fairy tales are for little ones. They say that fairy tales are educational. They say that fairy tales have a conclusion and are therapeutic. All of the above and more are probably true...
The fact is, that the "Theatrodromio" Cultural Club of Nafplio presents us Fairy Tales from Asia Minor, on Saturday October 15th 2022.

"A ship traveling...". A series of old fairy tales from Asia Minor are narrated by: Dimitris Diplas, Maria Bakali, Mirka Kahrimani and Vassiliki Zouzia. With them also Mr. Andreas Manouchos in the musical editing.
They tell tales for the young and the old, who arrived from Makri, Constantinople, Livisi and Smyrna. We hear them with sensitivity and emotion for the first time, in the historic church of Agia Sofia, in the old town of Nafplio.


Αγία Σοφία Ναυπλίου, Agia Sophia Nafplio, Agia Sofia Nafplio
αφήγηση παραμυθιών στο Ναύπλιο, Storytelling event in Nafplio

Day / Time
Saturday October 15th 2022 at 19:00.

Meeting point
Courtyard of the church of Agia Sofia, in the old town of Nafplion

Association "Friends of Theater in Nafplio: Theatrodromio"


Did you know that?
Theatrodromio is a recognized non-profit association, under the name: "Friends of the Theater in Nafplio: Theatrodromio". Its members are educators, dramatists, lovers of oral, visual and musical expression. It is active since 2011 with theatrical, educational, cultural events and experiential workshops. It organizes theatrical performances, collaborates with the Department of Theater Studies of the University of Peloponnese aiming to promote and spread theatrical knowledge as a tool for existence and coexistence, for activation of the imagination and quality of life.
The Theatrodromio Association inspired and supports the famous Storytelling Festival, which started in 2017, turned out to be a great initiative and has now become an institution.

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