Port of Tolo - Tolo Fest., June 9th & 10th 2023

Τολό Ναυπλίου Αργολίδας, Tolo Nafplio of Argolis Peloponnese Greece

The Cultural two-day festival named "Tolo Fest." is planned and organized for the second year, taking place in the picturesque port of Tolo on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th of June 2023. This festival includes an exhibition of local professionals around tourism and of local products, a music concert and dancing events.

It is an incredible journey into the secrets of the gastronomic culture of the region, through the presentation of local products from the Argolic land and the tasting of its flavors. At the same time, the festival offers visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with local businesses and their products. Finaly, it is a great suggestion for entertainment, as concerts and presentations of traditional and Latin dances will take place in the specific area.
This two-day cultural festival "Tolo Fest." is co-organized by the Municipality of Nafplio, the Association of Professionals of Tolo, the President and the Local Council of Tolo, the Cultural Association of Tolo, the Association of Fishermen, and the Association of Parents and Guardians of the primary school of Tolo.
Gastronomy and the culture of food remain a significant part of the local cultural heritage and are always in the forefront of interest. The two-day Festival is an initiative of the Association of Professionals in Tolo and the aforementioned organizations, aiming to promote the local cultural heritage.

All events take place in the port of Tolo and include:

Friday, May 20th 2022
17:00 - Exhibition of local organizations and companies, starting time.
           - Book presentation from the chef Iakovos Apergis
           - Greek Traditional and Latin dance events. Traditional dances by the children of the Primary School of Tolo.
          - Music from a DJ. Treats are offered by the city's businesses.

Saturday, June 10th 2023
17:00 - Exhibition of local organizations and businesses, with music from a DJ.
             - Live cooking show from the chef Iakovos Apergis @iakovos_apergis
21:00 - Live Concert by Giorgos Nikiforou Zervakis, Argiris Loulatzis, Pantelis Kyramargio. With a repertoire that will take us down familiar, but also exciting new paths and with their unique musical chemistry, the two exceptional artists have prepared for all of us an unrepeatable evening full of fun, excitement and surprises.

The town's businesses offer treats to all guests on both days and a cocktail bar is available to treat all guests.

Did you know that?
This is the second event of local professionals and organizations of Tolo, in order to enhance professional and tourist activity in the area, but also to introduce local and foreign visitors to local products and services. The first Tolo Fest. took place on May 20th & 21st of 2022.

Tolo Fest 2023 Zervakis Loulatzis live
Tolo beach

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