Port of Tolo - Tolo Fest., May 20th & 21st 2022

Τολό Ναυπλίου Αργολίδας, Tolo Nafplio of Argolis Peloponnese Greece

The first Cultural two-day festival named "Tolo Fest." is planned and organized, taking place in the picturesque port of Tolo on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st of May 2022. This festival includes an exhibition of local professionals around tourism and of local products, a music concert and dancing events.

This two-day cultural festival "Tolo Fest." is co-organized by the Municipality of Nafplio, the Association of Professionals of Tolo, the President and the Local Council of Tolo, the Cultural Association of Tolo, the Association of Fishermen, and the Association of Parents and Guardians of the primary school of Tolo, on the occasion of the celebration of St. Constantine and St. Helen, on May 20th and 21st.

Events schedule:

Friday, May 20th 2022
11:00 - Exhibition of local organizations and companies, starting time.
21:00 - Music concert. Treats are offered by the city's businesses.

Saturday, May 21st 2022
11:00 - Exhibition of local organizations and businesses, with music from a DJ playing from the morning.
21:00 - Traditional dances by the children of the Primary School of Tolo. At the end of the children's dancing show, there will be a lottery for three wonderful gifts, offered by the "Circo Toys" store.

Τολό Ναυπλίου Αργολίδας, Tolo Nafplio of Argolis Peloponnese Greece
Τολό Ναυπλίου Αργολίδας, Tolo Nafplio of Argolis Peloponnese Greece

In the context of Tolo Fest. on May 20-21st 2022, the Tolo Professionals Association organizes an amateur photography competition! Capture the moment and win a full day Sailing Cruise courtesy of "Tolo Sailing". To participate, upload your photo with the hashtags #Tolofest #capture_the_moment and tag @ visit.tolo on Instagram. Information: T. +30 693 2763194 (Mr. Dionyssis).

Did you know that?
This is the first event of local professionals and organizations of Tolo, in order to enhance professional and tourist activity in the area, but also to introduce local and foreign visitors to local products and services.
A group of children with joy and willingness to participate decided to build a kiosk of love for animals. Eager parents, friends and businesses joined forces and made it real. Lemonade and freshly squeezed orange juice are offered, while your offers will directly benefit the animals through the "Laiza" Animal Welfare Association.

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