"Gkiosa" is a local name for the elderly ewe or goat, 5 years of age and older, that does not give birth anymore. This was made by the traditional meat-eating inhabitants of upland and mountain areas of Argolis and Corinth as their best summer dish!
It is, therefore, the meat of an ewe or a goat, which is baked with no spices, in a stone-built wood stove, sealed with clay for many hours. This is the secret of its success: good quality local meat and slow traditional baking.
It is eaten on the same day, warm or cold wrapped in oven-paper, with plenty of salt and pepper and is usually accompanied by cold beer or good local wine. Locals find garlic a necessary addition! We would strongly suggest  to accompany it with another traditional dish, eggplant slices with garlic sauce in the oven!
Visit the traditional taverns that prepare the “gkiosa” every summer, in their own unique way.

Did you know that?
The period, that mainly the “gkiosa” meat is offered, starts the Sunday after Easter (April or early May) and continues until the Celebration of the Holy Cross (September 14th), and the ovens are baking it on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in the area. Save a seat!

Its price ranges from 12€ to 15€ per kilo.
Accompanied perfectly with cold beer.

gkiosa, nafplio, local specialitie
gkiosa, nafplio, local specialitie