Fougaro - Iro Live, Saturday, October 15th 2022

Fougaro Live Nafplio, Φουγάρο συναυλία Ναύπλιο

On Saturday night, October 15th 2022, the Fougaro Art Center welcomes Iro, known and loved Greek pop singer in a wonderful musical evening, with a unique signature! In an intensely personal style, fingers running over the piano keys and a voice always fresh and direct.

Performer, composer and pianist, with more than 30 years in the Greek music scene, with a genuine love for music itself and strict choices. "I sing the thoughts of poets and the notes of composers...". Iro performs songs that have no borders, following only her instinct and her aesthetics. From one end of the world to the other, "playing" between genres of music, languages, rhythms, proving that the only rule in art is that it goes beyond the rules...

μουσικός Ηρώ Λεχουρίτη, Iro Greek musician and singer
μουσικός Ηρώ Λεχουρίτη, Iro Greek musician and singer

Date - Starting time
Saturday, October 15th 2022, after 21:30


Reservations - Information
Fougaro Café-Bistrot, 98 Asklipiou Ave., Nafplio
Τ +30 27520 47347  | M +30 694 6594588

Did you know that?
Iro Lechouritis (her surname) was born in Patras, where she lived until she was twenty. Her parents were loved music and her mother was a music teacher, so she took up the piano from a young age and got her degree in Harmony. She has also studied Nursing. She started performing in music clubs in Patras for 3,5 years and then she moved to Athens, where she worked in Neo Psychiko region, singing and playing the piano. 
Undoubtedly, Iro is a talented artist, with many successful years in the music scene. Already in 2002, she won the Best Pop Album award and the Best Pop Singer award at the "Arion" Music Awards.

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