Fougaro - P. Katsimihas, V. Kazoulis, D. Karras live, August 5th 2018

Panos Katsimihas, a pioneer of the generation of songwriters, does not need any introduction. His music -stuck with us up to this day- is always warm, lively and true. With lyrics always up to date, sometimes of social and political message, sometimes erotic, sensitive and at the same time caustic, he also appears this year, by giving concerts all over Greece and Cyprus.
On Sunday, 5th of August 2018 in Fougaro, besides the songs of Haris and Panos Katsimihas, he will also present songs by G. Markopoulos, Th. Mikroutsikos, M. Hadjidakis, N. Antypas, L. Nikolakopoulou, G. Andreou, P. Karasoulos etc.

Following on last summer's tour, our very beloved Vassilis Kazoulis collaborates with him. Timeless and loved for his special style, with songs that -even born in the darkness of the big city- always find the way to escape into the light and into the hearts of us all...

The two artists are joined under common messages, common truth and soul, in a way that only the songs themselves can explain.

Performing with them, the songwriter Dimitris Karras -a songwriter of the new generation, with very important discography and many personal successes!

The main artists are surrounded by the excellent musicians:
Manos Neophytos, drums
Spyros Papadatos, keyboards
Nikos Tsimpoukis, electric guitar
Vangelis Karapetros, bass
Kostas Platanias, electric guitar

Starting time

Ticket price
General entrance 12 €

"Fougaro", Asklepios Avenue, Nafplio
T +30 27520 47347

Katsimihas, Katsimixas, Kazoulis, Karras, Nafplio live