10 things I love in Nafplio during wintertime

Ναυπλιο από τη θάλασσα, Nafplio view from the sea

I am not fond of the clichés, but I absolutely believe that Nafplio is an ideal destination for all seasons, all year round. Allow me, however, to love it a little more in the winter...

These are the first 10 reasons, that come to my mind:


"Bourtzi" castle seems imagined from a fantasy story, as it almost disappears magically in a foggy landscape.


You enjoy your walks even in the busiest alleys and walkways, without the roar of the crowd.


You take a rejuvenating walk to "Arvanitia" beach dressed well, and your soul is warmed by the colors that cover the sky as it dawns.

winter in Nafplio, χειμωνιάτικο Ναύπλιο, το Ναύπλιο το χειμώνα, Αρβανιτιά τον χειμώνα

After the rain, the paved streets reflect the restored old buildings and seems like you flounder into a wet, but always charming city. You can even stay in one of these beautifully restored buildings, even more, in the most central one! At the Castellano Hotel & Suites, you check in the most amazing Suites right on Syntagma Square!


You seek the warmth of a good coffee or the taste of a hot chocolate in the cozy cafés of the city, you read books, you play table games. 


Your mood draws you in the mountainous villages around, where the smell of wood burning in the fireplaces and of the bread baked in the wood-burning oven takes you back to your childhood. Imagine staying in such a magical setting, with a fireplace in your room and the most incredible view! Try the Klymeni Traditional Homes experience.


You spend hours inside the city's museums and you feel fascinated by the history of the place.

winter in Nafplio, χειμωνιάτικο Ναύπλιο, το Ναύπλιο το χειμώνα, περίπατος Αρβανιτιάς, περίπατος στο Ναύπλιο, Arvanitia walk in Nafplio

You feel glad hearing the laughs of the children, as they happily play in the city's squares hooded in their jackets.


You enter the shops and start chatting with the owners discovering imagination, creativity, the dreams and each one's personal story. 


In the afternoon, you go at your favorite hangout to have a glass of "agiorgitiko" wine to warm up, and you end up in the evening being a member of a joyful group singing and laughing, because you know that life is actually precious moments...

winter in Nafplio, χειμωνιάτικο Ναύπλιο, το Ναύπλιο το χειμώνα
winter in Nafplio, χειμωνιάτικο Ναύπλιο, το Ναύπλιο το χειμώνα

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