The 17 most wanted spots in Nafplio for Instagram lovers

Nafplio evening view from Acronafplia, Δειλινό στο Ναύπλιο από την Ακροναυπλία

Τhe old town of Nafplio, with which you fall in love at first sight, offers you inexhaustible source for your well being and the ideal background for endless selfies. The perfect spots in Nafplio for Instagram lovers are here!

Wandering around my favorite city for over 10 years now, and having taken a few thousand photos, I've come down to two categories of "Instagramic" spots:

A. To the classic favorites, which never lose their charm and easily "win" the "likes" of the public.
B. To the unexpected, which are on your way where you least expect them and sort of obtain a more aesthetic philosophy.

Α. The "classic favorite spots" for the Instagram lovers are:


The Bourtzi. The most photographed spot in the city and definitely the best way to indicate you are in Nafplio, without saying it! If you are already staying at the Impero Luxury Suites, then you are right across, facing it!


The iconic Palamidi castle, of course! From whichever side you photograph it, from Kapodistrias or from Philhellenon square upwards or - of course - if you have climbed up to the castle itself, endless photographic material awaits you!

Μπούρτζι Ναυπλίου, Bourtzi of Nafplio
the Clock Tower in Acronafplia, Ρολόι του Ναυπλίου στην Ακροναυπλία

The bougainvillea trees in every alley. Particularly those on the main pedestrian Vassileos Konstantinou street having Syntagma Square in the background or those outside the bright yellow walls of the Vyzantio Tavern, in Vassileos Alexandrou street.


The Bouboulina coastal road with the palm trees. Absolute symmetry in your frame and extra exoticism in the photo.


Syntagma Square with the Archaeological Museum in the background. An absolute must, naturally of a classic value.

Syntagma square Nafplio, Πλατεία Συντάγματος Ναύπλιο
όψεις Ναυπλίου, aspects of Nafplio Greece

The joining of the sea and the sky at the end of Bouboulina str. -after the day's last coffee- near the lighthouse. Ideal at sunset...


A cone of ice cream. No matter how you photograph it (with a picturesque alley with bougainvillea flowers as background or just holding it in your hand), Nafplio much relates to ice cream.


The old doors in bright colors, with the old door knockers. You will find countless, in every pedestrian street of the old town or even upwards on the Psaromachala district.

old doors in Nafplio, παλιές πόρτες στο Ναύπλιο
Acronafplia picks, λεπτομέρειες από Ακροναυπλία

On the steps of Potamianou street, outside the Grand Sarai hotel, with the incredible pomegranate color on the walls.


Up inside the Akronafplia walls, in front of the vaulted opening with the romantic railing and the view of the absolute blue of the sea.

Nafplio old town for Instagram lovers, παλιά πόλη Ναυπλίου για Ίνσταγκραμ φωτογραφίες
όψεις Ναυπλίου, aspects of Nafplio Greece
In the center of everything!...

Β. The "unexpected favorite spots" for the Instagram lovers are:


The old town photographed from a boat afloat or from Bourtzi.


The Walking Paths in Nafplio, starting from the end of the cafeterias towards Arvanitia Beach in particular, or the longer Arvanitia - Karathona path, with the prickly pear trees and the sea view from above.


The row of the characteristic changing rooms at the Blu Blanc cafe-restaurant, on the Arvanitia beach.


The abandoned Xenia hotel, at the "neck" of the peninsula of Akronafplia.

όψεις Ναυπλίου, aspects of Nafplio Greece
Three Admirals' square of Nafplio, Πλατεία Τριών Ναυάρχων Ναυπλίου

Taking your picture in the Town Hall Square (named the Three Admirals' square), with the tall palm trees framing the background.


In Karathona beach, but at its end, in the chapel of St. Konstantinos and Eleni, with the blue wooden tables outside, above the little harbor.


Up inside the walls of Akronafplia, but on the opposite side of The Clock Tower, which overlooks Arvanitia beach and the sea from above.

No matter how many times you photograph Nafplion or be photographed in it, each and every time you visit it, you will discover new ideal spots for perfect photos. Like, Like, Like in this city, which you never get enough of!...

σπίτι παλιάς πόλης Ναυπλίου, a house in the old town of Nafplio
Grand Sarai Nafplio

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