Dive into living and culture!

Long awaited, warm, vibrant, every August creates too many expectations... As if we can condense inside of it our most beautiful memories, determined to have an unforgettable time!
No need to get frustrated on our vacation raising the level too high. It is enough for everyone to relax with what he pleases, and not to keep up with the choices of others.

For me, a “full” August is equivalent to full of life and culture. This means nice holidays, nice meaningful moments, to give a moment to consider really important things in life, to make the days stand out.

Life in Nafplio, of course, at this time of year also means a small tavern on the sea-shore, fresh fish and ouzo. For me, however, it means lots of ice creams. Not that I hesitate to taste them throughout the rest of the year, but now I have the heat as ally, justifying my weakness. I'm counting on the dives, I'm counting on the ice creams - yes, like we did as kids.
In this city, which so well co-exists with ice cream all the years, you have the chance to understand how much the packed ice cream, that you were eating before, was of no value. Because here, ice cream is made of real milk and not of powder, with fresh materials, local fruits, and other materials coming from Italy.
* Your choices are really many. From picking from the coolers with the local “Pro-Vio” ice cream made of sheep’s milk, or choosing the Italians Marco and Roberto, who have taken over our taste with their gelati, the locals ice cream makers, such as Koustenis, Gelarto, the local confectioner's shops or the oven in Ligurio village.
* Do not forget that the "Shall we go for an ice cream?" question is the best opportunity for a walk in the harbor and all the nice alleys around, the phrase that excites all children without exception and a nice suggestion for romantic rendezvous.

August, however, also means culture and spectacles. Is it possible to be in Nafplio and not visit -even one night- Epidaurus, for a performance at the famous ancient Τheater ? A performance may last two hours, the experience, however, is imprinted in you forever. Even if you did not finally like so much what you watched.
* If you have small children, who are not allowed to enter (6 years or under) or just who do not wish to watch the performance, you can leave them with Creative Entertainment service, so that everybody enjoys themselves.
* Ideally, take your family or friends and take a short trip to Epidaurus , to visit the sanctuary of Asclepius, the Museum, the Theater and to feel the dynamics and aura of the place.

And once you've had an experience of watching ancient Greek tragedy played live, you cannot deny yourself the initiation in a local folk festival… There, around “Panagia” (Virgin Mary’s passing, celebrated in August 15th every year), you will see squares and large plots getting filled with plastic tables and chairs; large projector screens to get set up, roasted pork to be prepared and exhibited for people to buy, the electricity poles to get filled with posters of the local festivals…
It is really worthwhile entering the atmosphere of the place, getting all dressed up, decorating and listening to Greek songs, dancing, eating traditionally cooked pork in the oven and fritters, buying small presents for your children.
* Big village, big feast, lots of people, crowded. If you have a tendency to agoraphobia, better choose a small village, where you will definitely enjoy yourself, but not trample or may not find even half a centimeter to sit.

The next morning you will find yourself with the head spinning. But who cares? The beach will be waiting for you! August means dive into living and spectacles, but also endless relaxation.

Happy holidays everyone!


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