Why running in Nafplio is a pure delight.

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Those of us who visit Nafplio know, that here we can allow ourselves to a more human pace by pressing the "pause" button in the "running" of everyday life. Yet, in this historic town everything seems to shout "Run!".

But it is not the "Run!" due to stress, that we are used to. Running to catch time, run not to be late, my running feet... It is the "Run!" that makes you wear your sportswear, fills you with well being and brings you into contact with nature and with yourself! 

Running in Nafplio is a pleasure because:


The city loves well being and a healthy lifestyle and resists in anything toxic.


Running in nature offers multiple benefits and is by no means comparable or equivalent to running on a treadmill indoors.


Your choices are endless. Do you prefer a simple path, because you are a beginner? You can start by crossing the coastal road or Arvanitia measuring kilometers by the sea. Do you want hills, steps, paths in nature and in the villages? Do you want to cross the old town, climb to "Psaromachala" and then back again? Would you maybe participate in the Nafplio Marathon? Here you will find everything!


Nafplio is the only Greek city, where you can test your limits by climbing a castle! For the 7th consecutive year, on November 27th 2022 the Nafplio Castle Run took place, with runners climbing up the stairs of Palamidi castle ("Palamidios Athlos") and participating in a unique celebration!

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Running is a good opportunity to gather friends runners and take a one-day trip or spend a memorable weekend in Nafplio!


All possible running trails are within walking distance, meaning you do not waste extra time on the way, but you dedicate your time in your favorite way of training.


After the delight and satisfaction of running, you take a shower and sit in your favorite place to drink a healthy smoothie and eat a hearty meal to replenish your body's energy.

What are you waiting for? Wear your sportswear, take your friends and come to the town, where running is not just a form of exercise, but a real treat for your body and soul!

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