Xmas Guide - Unforgettable Christmas in the adorned Nafplio

Christmas in Nafplio

Would you want to spend your holidays in a bright and dreamy place, where everything around you emit magic? Welcome to the festive Nafplio!

The city you loved for your one-day excursions and that makes your holidays unforgettable has now worn its festive gowns, is filled with Christmas tunes and smells, carols and laughs, choruses and events and is waiting for you. You, simply pack your suitcase and leave all the rest to us:

Christmas in Nafplio

Where to stay
A big asset of the city is that you can find accommodation whatever your taste is, your current needs and your budget. From simple hotel rooms to luxurious suites in the city and from guesthouses to apartments in the countryside, Nafplio is top on accommodation and hospitality.

If you like staying in the old town, to feel close to the center of events and festivities, chose the brand new Castellano Hotel & Suites in the small square of Amalia Otto, with dreamy rooms and suites in an environment of refined luxury.
Lovely and perfect for families, the Latini Family Hotel on the picturesque Philhellenon Square, will embrace you in its welcoming environment and make your vacation unique.
If again you prefer the peace and tranquility of the countryside, I suggest the Nafplia Terra, a newly built guesthouse in an olive grove 1.5 km from the city, with incredible view from all its rooms.
And if you want to try the ultimate Zen experience a little further away, the Frunze family will welcome you to the also newly built Frunze Luxury Apartments in Agios Andrianos, embraced by orange trees and overlooking Palamidi fortress, the mountain and the green fields.

Christmas in Nafplio

Where to eat    
Here also, your choices are many, whether you want a bite to eat in a hurry, or you wish to enjoy your meal with wine and your friends. However, for the special nights of Christmas and New Year's Eve, it's worth getting dressed up and guide yourself in the best restaurants.

You will try the refined dishes of the festive menus of the unique 3Sixty Grill Dining, accompanied by excellent wines in an environment that glorifies good aesthetics.
In Itria cucina italiana, the chef creates the most delicious Italian dishes, made with authentic raw materials from the neighboring country - ask about the festive menu and its specialties.
For the fans of Syntagma Square, Mentor is an ideal choice, offering culinary creations that the whole family enjoys, in a sophisticated environment. 

Christmas in Nafplio

Where to have coffee or drinks
Before you begin your stroll through the adorned narrow streets of the city - or wanting to finish it in the most relaxed way - a nice coffee with your family or friends is a must.

At the Xenon Café in Syntagma Square, the children will play carefree as you drink your espresso, with which delightful mini donuts will be offered, and you can also enjoy your drink here in the evening while gazing the adorned square.
A few steps away, the Sokaki offers both good coffee and delicious snacks and sweets, as well as a mix & match environment, that tempts you to sit there for hours -your favorite hangout for drinks too!
In the Plektirio, close to the old Parliament Building, you will hear the nicest music, you will enjoy your coffee and waffles, and if the weather is nice, you may sit outside watching people going up and down the Staikopoulou street.
But if all you want to see before you is the enchanting Bourtzi fortress, your choice is definitely the Kontogiorgos Café in the Akti Miaouli (Nafplio port), with great sea view and top quality coffee.
If you are a fan of good wine and of good company, you will relax by tasting delightful wine at the new Alkioni wine bar in the old town.

Christmas in Nafplio

Where to shop for Christmas
There is no need to go shopping for Christmas presents before the holiday, of course, since everyone knows that you will find in Nafplio the most interesting shops and the most special gifts!

If you wish to offer something on clothing or accessories or make a gift to yourself (the women), in Poppy's Clothing boutique, Poppy will help you choose between stylish and fashionable outfits, unique accessories that complete any look and leather handmade bags by Elena Athanassiou.
If you agree with me, that a sophisticated basket of wines and delicatessen delights is over time a special gift, at Mediterraneo Wine & Deli they will understand exactly what you want -do not forget to try some of the wines before you leave.
For friends, who like to enjoy a good cigar and/or love a good drink, Mary at the Tobacco Shop will help you choose among a variety of cigars and smoking accessories, and will propose you and the appropriate drink to be converted into a unique present.

Enjoy this Christmas holidays as you wish! Quietly, with a lot of people, in the theme parks with Santa Claus, under the bright lights of the city... Let us "live" Christmas and let's welcome the New Year with a promise: Nafplio will always make everything brighter! Happy Holidays everyone!  

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