"Dromoskales" in greek, are the alleyways with stairs. Typical in the old town, "dromoskales" start from Syntagma Square and connect the town with Akronafplia fortress. The upper town is connected to the port with these street-stairs and a few roads.They characterize and pass through the famous "Psaromahala" district, a neighborhood where the terrain is sloping and most of the alleys are full of stairs.
"Psaromahala" was a Nafplio district from the end of the Byzantine period in the 13th century and was mainly inhabited by Greek fishermen. These alleyways have been dated since then.

A visitor climbing these street-stairs and crossing the narrow cobbled streets, comes across renovated guest houses and neoclassical small hotels, mansions with wooden shutters, houses dated of different times -mainly of the Turkish occupation- with small doors and windows, other nicely renovated, painted in vivid colors, with flowers in the windows and balconies and others still in ruins. That's why Psaromahala with its alleyways is an ideal location for photography lovers...

Did you know that?
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