Agia Moni

Seeking tranquility, just a half kilometer outside Nafplio, you will find the Byzantine monastery that is dedicated to the Life Giving Source, popularly known as "Agia Moni". The monastery is located at the roots of a bare rock, giving the impression of wanting to hide from the human eye. In the atmosphere, the scent of jasmine dominates and the light that passes through the colored windows of the church, makes the whole scenery even more unique.

The history
The monastery is dated in the middle of the 12th century and was built by the Bishop of the cities Argos and Nafplio, Leondios. Its Byzantine church is one of the few well-preserved specimens. While for a time in the past it used to be a male monastery, nowadays it hosts about 10 nuns.

The best time to visit the monastery is Easter. Throughout the duration of the Holy Week, the atmosphere is solemn and is an experience that will remain unforgettable.

Aria area, Nafplio 211 00
T +30 27520 27764


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