Agia Sofia

Going up Lambrinidou Street, in the heart of the picturesque "Psaromachala" district, you will find on your left the small church of "Agia Sophia". You may not notice it right away, as it is hidden among the old houses, but you will definitely be impressed by its appearance.

A church with distinctions
It is the only Byzantine church in the city and the oldest surviving church in Nafplio (built around the 11th to 12th century AD).
During the Turkish occupation, the church attendance of the Orthodox within the city walls was forbidden. In 1780, after the intervention of the dragoman of the fleet Nickolas Mavrogenis, to the approximately 300 residents of Nafplio at the time, was given permission by the Turks to attend the Mass in the church of Agia Sophia.
In 1825 the church was renovated by the city's headquarters' commandant, General Nassos Fotomaras.

The story of "Sophia"
In 126 AD in Rome, Sophia, along with her daughters "Pistis" (Faith), "Elpis" (Hope) and "Agapi" (Love), refused to renounce their Christian faith under the pressure of the emperor Hadrian. The emperor gave them three days to reconsider his proposal. But they were unyielding, and although they were tortured, the Savior kept their bodies alive.
Sofia buried the slaughtered bodies of her children and after three days she died as well.
Their memory is commemorated every year, on September 17th.

Did you know that?
In the hole Nafplio area, there is no other church dedicated to St. Sophia.
In the Agia Sophia was found a capital (of a pillar) with a bas-relief ornament, which is exhibited in the Museum.
The church is small (capacity up to 150 people).

Do not hesitate to follow the small, narrow passage to the right. Going down, you will meet Kapodistriou str. where the church of St. Spyridon is located.
Its architectural style is basilica with a dome and is plastered on the west side. The two-storey bell tower was built later.

Lambrinidou str., GR 21100, Nafplio (Old Town)
T. +30 27520 29737

Αγία Σοφία Ναυπλίου, Agia Sofia church in Nafplio

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