Agios Nikolaos

Because a visit to Nafplio is not worth without a stroll in the old town, your steps will definitely bring you to Philellinon Square in front of the church of "Agios Nikolaos" (St. Nickolas), patron saint of sailors. Agios Nikolaos is a relatively small temple in size, but not in history; located in the port of Nafplio, in one of the most beautiful places of the city.
Most wanted for weddings and baptisms, due to its location and its lovely interior, but temporarily closed for a necessary renovation...

A temple with history
According to the inscription at the entrance of the church, the church was moved from the inner city to the port in 1713, at the request of the predictor of the Venetian fleet, Augustine Sagredos. He chose this place outside the city walls, by the sea, as the temple was dedicated to sailors.
However, the present church, which refers to the type of basilica with a flat roof, comes from 1836 and inside one can admire the wood-carved temple and the pulpit.
From the interior decoration of this bright temple, the despotic throne, the central chandelier (of Russian art) and the large despotic icons on the temple of the years 1848-1849, works of the well-known talented hagiographer of the time of the National Rebirth, John Dimadis, stand out for their artistic value. The facade and bell towers are later additions.

Did you know that?
The temple is actually dedicated to three substances; dedicated to St. Nicholas, the Holy Apostles and the three High priests.

Worth to see
On December 6th, the port authorities of the city of Nafplio celebrate with great magnificence St. Nickolas, the patron saint, with the procession of the miraculous icon of the Saint, as well as the piece of his holy relic, which is kept in the holy temple.

Philellinon Square, GR 21100, Nafplio
T. +30 27520 23552

At present, the church is out of service due to renovation works.


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