What I always like about Nafplio, is that you never know what you will come across in your walks. Whichever alley you choose to follow, something always will surprise you along the way. For example the church of "Panagia", that is "trapped" between two of the busiest and most popular cafe-bars of the old town ("Rosso" and "Sokaki"), behind the Archaeological Museum...

Some history
The church called "Panagia", devoted to the Birth of Virgin Mary, stands behind the Archaeological Museum and is one of the oldest and most beautiful churches of the city of Nafplio. The original temple, which dates back to the 15th century, during the years of the first Venetian domination, was smaller and belonged to the Orthodox. Around 1700, during the second Venetian domination, the church took its current form, in the type of a three-aisle basilica. It has a beautiful wood-carved temple of Ionian style inside, created in the 19th century. The pulpit and the episcopal throne of the church are of a similar style. A further addition is the church-porch, while the bell tower dates back to 1907. With all the above, as well as with the wise dimensions of the interior spaces, the contrition and piety that this stately church imposes is emphasized.

Did you know that?
The "Panagia" of Nafplio is associated with the martyrdom of Nafplio's New Martyr Anastasios, patron saint of the city, who was tortured by the Turks for his faith in Christ on February 1st 1655, in the olive tree that still exists on the north side of the temple. That is why his memory is honored here every year, on the 1st of February, where a majestic procession of the icon of the patron saint of the city takes place.

Worth to see
Today, the church of Virgin Mary is a favorite place of worship in Nafplio by pilgrims, and is well as known for the procession of the Epitaph on Good Friday, through the alleys of Psaromachala, with its famous choir chanting Praise. If you find yourself in Nafplion on Good Friday, to follow the Epitaph will be an experience you will not forget.

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