Akronafplia is the imposing rocky peninsula, that was once the Acropolis of Nafplio. The Turks used to call it "Its-Kale" that means "inside the fortress".

How to get there
You can approach the castle and admire the unique view with many ways: You can go east at Staikopoulos Park and from the Arvanitia square, or you can walk through the "dromoskala" of the Catholic Church and the gate of the Castle of Toroni.

The story of the oldest acropolis
Can you imagine that military prisons were housed here? This is true! The best view of the city was viewed by prisoners! 
The story of Acronafplia goes back to prehistoric times, when the oldest acropolis in the city was inhabited and had three levels with one castle each.
Its walls are 85m high each. The first was built in the 3rd century. Τhe second was built by the Franks. The Venetians built the fortress of Toros with the five canons or the "five brothers" as the locals use to call them.

Historical moments, projects and improvements
In 1822 Theodore Kolokotronis, one of the most important captains of the Greek revolution, raised the flag of freedom here. A church and a hospital were built here at Kapodistrias years. The bavarian army continued the works on the fort, built the military warehouses and refined the military hospital. Additions and constructions continued during the days of George the first, while during the reign of Constantine A and Alexander A the military prisons were renovated. Convicts began to engage in various activities such as carpentry, shoemaking, etc.
The prisons were finally closed under the reign of Paul the first, torn down and replaced by a large hotel unit.


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