The Clock Tower

You we will see it in front of you, going up the road that passes through the Akronafplia fortress. Here is where you can rest and admire the grandeur and beauty of the old city, which lies at your feet.

The history
The clock was placed in Akronafplia fortress by king Othon, when mayor of the city was doctor Epaminondas Kotsonopoulos (1866-1878 and 1883-1890). It was a donation of Othon' s father Ludvich A', from Bavaria.

Worth to see
Undoubtedly this is the most beautiful part of the city, to enjoy the sunset. Do not forget to bring a camera with you.

Did you know that?
Amazing is the poem written by Emmanuel Terzakis, the day of its destruction and which was published in September of 1949 in the newspaper "Syntagma" (Constitution).

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