The first Greek Parliament
The Parliament building in Nafplio, located in the southwestern part of Syntagma Square, is called "Vouleftiko" because the first Greek parliament (Vouli in Greek) was housed here.

The beginning
Initially, in the years 1730 during the Second Turkish occupation of the city, the building was originally built as a mosque consisting of a large hall covered with a huge dome. In fact, to the west there was a portico with domes, but at the beginning of the 20th century it was destroyed by an earthquake. It is a characteristic mosque of mature Ottoman architecture, with its heavy proportions and massive dome.
According to local tradition, this large mosque was built by a wealthy Turkish agha to save his soul from a heinous crime he had committed. Agas had killed two young men from Venice, who had come to Nafplio to search for the treasure their father had concealed, when the Venetians occupied the city. Agas found the treasure, according to the profile of the young men, but killed them in order to reap the spoils himself. Later, feeling remorse for his abominable deed, he is said to have built with the gold of the treasure the large mosque of the square, which became known as the Aga Pasha Mosque. 

The use of over the years
From the autumn of 1825 until the spring of 1826, Vouleftiko -which had been formed in the meantime by the architect Vallianos- housed the Greek Parliament. Hence the name of Vouleftiko, known and so called until today.
The building then operated serving several purposes: it housed the Greek School, the ground floor was a prison, and here the Trial of the Chieftains of the Greek Revolution took place, of Th. Kolokotronis and D. Plapoutas.

Place of culture
Today, Vouleftiko is operated by the Ministry of Culture and serves as a conference room. Congresses, books presentations, speeches are some of the events that are held here. On the ground floor, you will see the Municipal Gallery exhibiting the work of Greek artists.

Βουλευτικό, Πρώτη Βουλή των Ελλήνων, Vouleftiko, Nafplio

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