Mycenae - 15th Ancient Mycenaean Road, Sunday, June 11th 2023.

Ancient Mycenaean Trail Run

The organization of the 15th Ancient Mycenaean Road is announced for Sunday, June 11th 2023, from Mycenae to Prosymna, covering a distance of 7 km. Registrations have started and the experience is unique!

This route follows the traces of an ancient Mycenaean road that connects the acropolis of Mycenae with the plain of Prosymni village. The route passes through many points of great archaeological interest. Walkers, horse riders, and runners-athletes can participate in the Road. The race is open to everyone and free of charge.

Mycenae is surrounded by the unique traces of an ancient road network from the 13th century BC, which connected the acropolis with the inland to the north and the ports that communicated with the Aegean and the Mediterranean sea. Today, these roads constitute the best-preserved road network of the era. In combination with the imposing mountainous and rocky environment, which remains unchanged in terms of agricultural cultivation and livestock farming, they form a unique cultural and natural landscape and serve as significant evidence of the high level of engineering knowledge during the Late Bronze Age (Source:

15ος Αρχαίος Μυκηναϊκός Δρόμος, 15th Ancient Mycenean Road

Races - Starting time
08:00 - Walkers, Ancient road, 8 km. The walkers will follow the ancient road, covering a distance of 8 km, and will be guided by Mr. Panagiotis Psychas, a professor at the Music School of Argolis (Prosymni District).
08:45 - Horse Riders, 8 km. Same route as above, but it will not pass through the Archaeological site.
09:00 - Runners, 7 km on a dirt track. There will be a hydration station at the 4th km.

Starting - Finishing Point
Archaeological Site of Mycenae, starting at the Lions' Gate and finishing at the enchanting chapel of "Panagia" in Prosymni village (Municipality of Argos-Mycenae).

The participants will be transported from the finishing area back to the starting area by bus, from 11:30 to 12:00. At the starting areas, there will be a vehicle from the Municipality of Argos-Mycenae, which will collect the participants' bags half an hour before the start, to transport them to the finishing point, where the competitors will retrieve them.

There will be a trophy ceremony for the top 3 male and female participants. All participating runners and athletes will receive a commemorative medal, and all participants in the event will receive a certificate of participation.

Information - Registrations
Τ. +30 27510 25867
For runners and walkers, registration starts from May 15th until Monday, June 5th 2023. Registrations can be made at the following link (for runners and walkers):
No applications will be accepted on the day of the race.

Medical Assistance
The 15th Ancient Mycenaean Road Race will have support from the 1st Scout System. The races will be medically covered by the Greek Rescue Team of Argolis, the Hellenic Red Cross branch of Argos, with medical coverage provided by Dr. Elias Antonakos of the Medical Association of Argolis, the National Center of Immediate Assistance of Argolis and FIL.M.A. (Motorcycling Friends of Argolis).

Organizing Committee
Delis Nikos, T. +30 693 7579 375 (President of the Social Welfare & Sports Organization of the Municipality of Argos - Mycenae)
Vyrlas Dimitrios T. +30 697 4481 474 (President of the Argolis Marathon Runners Club)
Panagiotis Psyhas T. +30 697 2448 668 for walkers (Professor at the Music School of Argolis)
Siachamis Nikolaos T. +30 693 9672 096 (Secretary of the Argolis Marathon Runners Club)
Biniaris Georgios T. +30 697 2732 737 (President of the Local Community of Prosymni)

Did you know that?
At the end of the races, there will be music selections by a DJ, and all athletes will be offered bananas, juice, and a traditional meal accompanied by wine.
The 15th Ancient Mycenaean Road is co-organized by the Social Welfare and Sports Public Benefit Corporation of the Municipality of Argos-Mycenae, the Regional Unit of Argolis, the Argolis Marathon Runners Club, the association "Friends of Mycenae and Mycenaean Civilization," and the Local Community of Prosymna, with the participation of the Prosymna Cultural Club.

Photos: Panaghiotis Athanasopoulos, Patricia van der Wal

Ancient Mycenaean Trail Run
Ancient Mycenaean Trail Run

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