Nafplio - Rally of Historic Cars, Saturday, February 24th 2024

Αυτοκίνητα αντίκες, antique cars

The Argolis Association of Classic Vehicles (AR.S.O.E.), with the approval of the Hellenic Federation of Motorsport, organizes a two-day race for classic cars, which will take place in Argolis and Arcadia on February 24-25th 2024, under the name "3rd Historic Rally of Tripoli" starting from Nafplio.

The Argolis Association of Classic Vehicles (AR.S.O.E.) is organizing, for the third consecutive year and in cooperation with the Municipality of Tripoli, the "3rd Historic Rally of Tripoli" on February 24-25th 2024. Following the tremendous success and resonance of the previous two years, we welcome 2024 once again with a two-day Touring-Regularity event, featuring special routes through villages of the mountainous Argolis and Arcadia, totaling approximately 230 kilometers. The starting point on the first day is the historic Nafplio, while the hospitable city of Tripoli remains the focal point.

3ο Ιστορικό Ράλλυ Τρίπολης, 3rd Historic Cars Race Tripolis
Αυτοκίνητα αντίκες Ναύπλιο, antique cars Nafplio

Schedule of Rally

Saturday, February 24th 2024

10:00-12:15 - Administrative check and pickup of material / Technical inspection according to schedule (Nafplio port)
12:15 - Deadline for registration of participation (end of registrations)
12:30 - Announcement of the participant's starting list
13:00 - Start of the 1st phase, Nafplio port
17:30 - Finish of 1st phase / All participants, Areos Square, Tripoli
19:30 - Conducting of parallel events / Announcement with information bulletin before the race
22:00 - Announcement of provisional results of the 1st phase, and start time schedule for the 2nd phase

Sunday, February 25th 2024
10:00 - Start of the 2nd phase / All participants, Areos Square, Tripoli
14:00 - Finish of the 2nd phase, Tripoli
15:00 - Announcement of provisional results
15:30 - Awards ceremony

Did you know that?
The Argolis Association of Vintage Vehicles (AR.S.O.E.) was founded in 2003 by friends and owners of Historic Vehicles (cars and motorcycles) and is situated in Argos, Greece. The aim of the Association is the effort to preserve and restore the historic vehicles of the region and to strengthen the relationships among members-owners of historic vehicles, through the organization of Events and Car Races, as well as participation in events organized by similar Clubs nationwide.

3ο Ιστορικό Ράλλυ Τρίπολης χάρτης 1, 3rd Historic Cars Race Tripolis map 1
3ο Ιστορικό Ράλλυ Τρίπολης χάρτης 2, 3rd Historic Cars Race Tripolis map 2

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