Cine Nafplio - "Alice in the Land of the Fish", June 4 2017

The children's theatrical scene Christos Tripodis and the theatrical company "Methexis” present the subversive and multi-level tale of Yannis Xanthoulis "Alice in the Land of the Fish" on Sunday, June 4, at Cine Nafplio. An interactive and up-to-date performance that, with much music, imagination and humor, commends our time, reveals the values of family, friendship, selflessness, responsibility and environmental protection. Children learn through the work to appreciate their potential, to judge well before trusting someone, to preserve and balance the ecosystem and to accept diversity

Time of performance

Tickets pre-sale
7 €
Bookstore "ALBATROS", (Asia Minor 30 & Charilaou Trikoupi)
Summer Cine Nafplio
Online resale at or at 11876

General entrance
8 €

T +30 210 7622034
M +30 6943290294