Trianon -"The Dime’s Estate," April 29-30 & 6, 7, 13 & May 14, 2017

The Fairytale Stage of DOPPAT will present in the spring cycle of performances the play "The Dime’s Estate" by Thalia Antoniades on 29th, 30th of April 2017 and on 6th, 7th, 13th and 14th of May 2017 in Trianon. Having already dealt with the 1950s and 1960s, the Fairytale Scene comes with this year's work to talk about the 1970s.

The Case
Three siblings close their mother in a nursing home to take advantage of her estate with various intrigues. She, with the help of some friends and her grandsons, manages to escape to Matala, Crete, and there she entices each of her children to come to give her fortune. The real purpose is to punish them and for this purpose it is definitely necessary ... the jar with its decares. But when man makes plans, God laughs. Continuity on the stage!
Participation in order: Nektarios Kouloukis, Karolos Triantafyllou, Peny Pitsikou, Christina Theodoropoulou, Gioula Paravanti, Thalia Antoniadou, Giorgos Stephanopoulos, Maria Argyriou, Vicky Dellaporta, Dinos Aggelopoulos, Christos Filfillonis, Panos Heliotis, Ioanna Danti, Kyriaki Kallianou, Elena Georgopoulou, Ioanna Georganta, Leonidas Andreoulakis, Maríli Berou, Elena Sagioti, Vasilia Pitsikou, Lia Dondou, Nikos Karelis, Marikaiti Evangelidou, Dafni Kavvadia, Kostas Komatas, Manolis Andreoulakis , Kimonas Komatas, Stathis Andreoulakis, Hero Kapsokoli

Writing, directing, music editing: Thalia Antoniades
Costume Design: Maria Garuniati
Sets: Lefteris Bali
Sound technician: Manos Stathopoulos
Choreography (modern): Iliana Diolitsi
                      (Pentozali): Kostas Tatsis
Dancing students of the dance school of Iliana Diolitsi.
Technical support: Stelios Armou

Saturday at 7:00 pm
Sunday at 11:30 am

Ticket price
5€ for adults
3€ for children up to 16 years old and large families
Free entry to unemployed

Telephone 27520 27096 daily 9:00 -14: 00 except Saturdays and Sundays.