Vouleftiko - Carmen and the Rebetes, Wednesday, December 28th 2022

Ναύπλιο λεπτομέρεια βωκαμβίλια, Nafplio bougainvillea detail

On Wednesday evening, December 28th 2022, the concert "Carmen and the Rebetes" with Klaudia Delmer, a narrative concert with flamenco and rebetika, will take place at the Old Parliament's building (Vouleftiko) in Nafplio.
The love of Carmen and Antonis the boatman the Seretis, in the years between the wars, was the reason to create a whole story, with songs, music and legal disputes...

It all started with a film, Carmen de la Triana, (district of Seville, where flamego and gypsy music dominates), which was screened in Athens in 1939. The inspiration given by the film's music to the Greek creators led them to adapt it and "dress it" in Greek verse, which prompted the composer Juan Mostozo to come to Athens to claim the copyright.
The most important thing, however, is that this story, which moved Claudia Delmer to create the concert with her collaborators, is in essence a musical conversation between flamenco and rebetico. A strong web unites the two musical genres, since both speak of human passions and dreams, of emotions, failures and destress. And of course, once again it is proven that the boundaries that politics and nationalism set between the peoples are fake and collapse, when the genuine popular culture articulates a discourse.
In the concert, the narration of the love story of Carmen and Antonis the boatman of Sereti, in Greece between the wars, is also an occasion to remember the anxieties and dreams of the people of that time, which are so similar to ours... All this against the background of rebetiko, where flamenco and bel canto, artistic and popular song, "wink" at the adventures of the well-known heroine.

Klaudia Delmer Karmen, Η Κάρμεν και οι Ρεμπέτες
Klaudia Delmer

Michalis Nikopoulos - bouzouki, mandolin
The Korab duo: Spyros Christoglou - guitar (classical and flamenco), Evgenios Khalil - acoustic guitar and bouzouki

The venue
 Vouleftiko (1st Parliament's building) in Nafplio

Starting time


Did you know that?
Klaudia Delmer is a Singer, Linguist, Lyricist, coming from multicultural background, explorer of Greek culture. Her new song is called "Zoi" (life in Greek).

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