Acronafplia - The girl and the Vampire, August 25th & 26th 2019

The Municipal Experimental Stage and the Manakin Team present us in two performances in the small Theater of Akronafplia castle on August 25th and 26th 2019 the theatrical play entitled "The Girl and the Vampire", based on the folk song "Of The Dead Brother".

The play is performed in a natural setting surrounded by the ruins of ancient castles. From the times where the "song of the dead brother" comes. Unifying space with time, they give the first performance at midnight, when -according to our folk tradition- the world of the shadows and the unreal enters the real world...

Sunday, August 25th 2019 | Premiere at midnight
Monday, August 26th 2019 | At 21:00

Small Theater of Akronafplia


Did you know that?
The present Experimental Stage was born in 1997 by the children of Syntagma Square. After the first few years and staging several performances, more and more students of the local University Faculty, as well as older citizens were added. Since then, the Youth Stage has changed its name to become the Experimental Stage.

The girl and the Vampire, Kori kai Vrikolakas, Η κόρη και ο Βρυκόλακας

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