Argos Ancient Theater - The Imaginary Invalid, August 8th 2019

As part of Argos-Mycenae Festival 2019, another great performance has arrived for the summer: "The Imaginary Invalid" of Molière in Argos Ancient Theater, on August 8th 2019, with an amazing cast and lots of humor!

The story
Argan is an hypochondriac, avaricious, and having sickness phobia old man, dependent on doctors and medicines. constantly feeling weak, although actually having a good health! This obsession makes him an easy victim and those around him exploit him. Indeed, so far as to wanting to marry his daughter Angelique to a doctor, in order for him to receive free medical care. However his brother, in collaboration with Argan's maid, will try to heal him from his fantasies and at the same time lead him to discover who truly loves him and is faithful to him.

Through this comedy, Molière sharply criticizes society and morals, the doctors' fake seriousness and greed, while observing the eternal conflict of the two sexes about "primacy" at home. Finally, he strongly criticizes the charlatan medicinal practice of his time.

Translation - Performance: Petros Filippidis, Dimitris Filippidis
Directed by: Petros Filippides
Sets - Costumes: Giannis Metzikof
Music: Themis Karamouratidis
Choreography - Kinesiology: Elpida Ninou

Petros Filipidis, Mirto Alikaki Takis Papamattheou, Tasos Giannopoulos, Antinoos Albanis, Laertis Malkotsis, Joanna Asimakopoulou, Nefeli Kouri, Renos Rotas, Thalea Stamatelou, Harry Chiotis, Vaggelis Kiparissis.

The performance
Saturday August 8th 2019, in the Ancient Theater of Argos

Starting time
21:30 | Doors open at 20:30

General Admission: 20€
Pre Sale - Reduced: 15€ (children up to 12 y.o., pupils, students, people over 65, unemployed, people with disabilities)

Tickets pre-sale
In Argos, in "En Lefko" Café-Bar, B3, Vasileos Georgiou str., T. +30 27510 63640, in Doultsinos book store (11, Korinthou str.) and in KEDAM, 2, Vas. Sophias str., T. +30 2751 062143.

Did you know that?
The peculiarity of the play lies in the fact that Molière himself interpreted the role of Argan, and in the fourth performance of the play, on February 17th 1673, he collapsed at the closing of the curtain, to die shortly afterwards at his home...

Κατά φαντασίαν ασθενής Πέτρος Φιλιππίδης Άργος, The Imaginary Invalid Filippidis Argos Ancient Theater
Κατά φαντασίαν ασθενής Πέτρος Φιλιππίδης Άργος, The Imaginary Invalid Filippidis Argos Ancient Theater

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