Argos Ancient Theater - A Midsummer Night's Dream, August 13th 2019

One of the most erotic and poetic plays of William Shakespeare, the "Midsummer Night's Dream", is directed by Aimilios Chilakis and Manolis Dounias in a summer-touring performance throughout Greece. The extremely popular play is presented in a new translation by George Blanas and with original music by Constantine Beta.

The story
Just before the wedding of Duke Theseus of Athens with the queen of the Amazons Hippolyte, four young men are headed in the forest of Athens, to try to claim the love object of their desire. It is the midsummer night -a night that anything can happen- their most intimate thoughts and fantasies will soon become real. In the mythical forest of Athens, they come into contact with the world of the elves: with King Oberon, who quarrels with Titania and Puk and a game of misunderstandings and magical interventions begins. Things get even more complicated when a group of amateur theaters arrives in the woods. Humans and elves, reality and fantasy become one, under the cloak of fairy tale and dream. Inside the forest -an enchanted, dangerous place- fears swell, passions express uncontrollably, while people and gods become preys of their erotic passion.

Aimilios Chilakis
Vladimir Kyriakidis
Athena Maximou
Michalis Sarantis
Alexander Varthis
Lena Drosaki
Alexander Mavropoulos
Christina Hila-Fameli
Chris Radanov
Panagiotis Klinis
Titus Litinas
Michalis Panadis
Konstantinos Moutaftsis

The "Midsummer Night's Dream" is a festive comedy, a love carousel that seems but never gets serious. It is a hilarious comedy, but also has a dark and violent background. In this play, which celebrates nature and love, the dream merges with reality, fantasy with nightmare, pure love with erotic fury. The mechanism that triggers everything is love. Love overthrows common sense, transforms everything, causes chaos, besieges humans and gods, as secret desires and repressed erotic urges direct the fate of persons.

The performance
Tuesday, August 13th 2019, in the Ancient Theater of Argos

Starting time
21:30 | Doors open at 20:30

General Admission: 20€
Pre Sale - Reduced: 15€ (children up to 12 y.o., students, unemployed, people with disabilities)

Tickets pre-sale
In Argos
"En Lefko" Café-Bar, B3, Vasileos Georgiou str., T. +30 27510 63640
Doultsinos book store (11, Korinthou str.)
KEDAM, 2, Vas. Sophias str., T. +30 2751 062143.

Did you know that?
The "Midsummer Night's Dream", written in 1595, has been called the Shakespeare's play with the most intense erotic content. Within it, four different worlds meet, described by a common demand: love. The world of ancient mythology, of young lovers, of elves, and the world of craftsmen and amateur theaters, co-operate in this "joyful comedy", as it has been described -which, however, under the guise of play and innocence, reveals the violent face of love.

A Midsummer Night's Dream in Argos Ancient Theater, Όνειρο καλοκαιρινής νύκτας Χειλάκης Άργος
A Midsummer Night's Dream in Argos Ancient Theater, Όνειρο καλοκαιρινής νύκτας Χειλάκης Άργος
A Midsummer Night's Dream in Argos Ancient Theater, Όνειρο καλοκαιρινής νύκτας Χειλάκης Άργος

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