Cine Nafplio - Karagiozis Master Chef, Sunday, November 20th 2022

Cine Nafplio, κινηματογράφος Ναυπλίου

The "Athanassiou Shadow Theater" invites us for two performances, in the theatrical play entitled "Karagiozis Master Chef", to be played at the "Cine Nafplio" hall, right next to the Fire Department of Nafplio, on Sunday, November 20th 2022.

About the play
Karagiozis, in order to escape unemployment, tries to become a cook, since it is fashionable! The reason and motive is the tavern of Hatziavatis, which he inherited from his uncle, Sampanagas. Karagiozis puts on an apron and cap, welcomes all the friends, to whom he serves his food and to those of you who come, lots of laughs!
Young and old alike have fun this Sunday afternoon, with the adventures of our beloved Karagiozis, signed by the "Athanassiou" shadow theater.

Καραγκιόζης Master Chef, Karagiozis Master Chef
harbor of Nafplio, παραλία Ναυπλίου

Performances / hours
Two performances at 16:00 & 18:00 (evening)

Tickets price
6 €

Information / Reservations
Τ. +30 6972 717187

Did you know that?
Greek Shadow Theatre has reached a two hundred year old tradition. With Ottoman references combined with locally developed characters, it was established at its peak as the most popular form of entertainment.
Karagiozis, the protagonist, is an authentic folk hero and the depiction of the folk spirit, which continues to bring laughter and entertain audiences of all social classes and ages.
The Shadow Theater of Athanassiou brothers was founded in 1982 by the brothers Kostas, Ioannis, Argyris and Helen, after years of apprenticeship with the late Karagiozi teacher Giorgos Haridimos. From 1993 he organizes seminars for teachers and pupils on "The shadow theater as a pedagogical tool", as well as travels to give performances in Europe, Kanada and Australia.
Every kid that will attend, shall receive a special gift!

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