Fougaro - Holy Mountain, January 26-27th 2023

Χόλι Μάουντεν Νίκος Βεργέτης, Holy Mountain Nikos Vergetis

The Fougaro Art Center hosts on Thursday 26th and Friday 27th of January 2023, at its "Space 9" hall, the Éstandé group, presenting the performance "Holly Mountain", based on the play of the same title by the author Mr. Nikos Vergetis.

The story
Straddling between truth and lies, a dying man creates with his body real, as also imaginary images, in an attempt to narrate various situations, as well as feelings of his life. Through his double presence on stage, he experiences comic-tragic moments and sometimes reaches a dead end. The two bodies on stage have no other choice, but to monologue, to mock themselves, to fear and to recollect. Taking the body and speech as parallel narratives and having this tool as a starting point, we explore the limits of the body, but also the dimensions it can take, through dramaturgy.

The Éstandé group 
The group consists of five members, who research, experiment and work on the part of dramaturgy with the body and speech as the main axis. The name of the group is their own inspiration and is based on the French word "instantané", which means snapshot. This name is not a random choice, as it is directly connected to the group's orientation, since the group is working on creating images as snapshots on the stage. Their creations are a mosaic of all group's members shared aesthetics, approached through a variety of methods and techniques. In this effort, their goal is not to tell a story, but to place the bodies in an indefinite -usually- space-time, to capture emotions and create stimuli either through choreography and speech, or through multimedia.

Φουγάρο Ναύπλιο, Fougaro Nafplio
Χόλι Μάουντεν Νίκος Βεργέτης, Holy Mountain Nikos Vergetis

Text by Nikos Vergetis
Text editing by Leto Nikoloutsou, Porfiri Moga, Silia Kakolyris - Vai
Directed by Leto Nikoloutsou
Scenography by Porfiri Moga
Kinesiology by Leto Nikoloutsou
Music edited by Vassilis Tufektsis
Manos Tzanis, Vassilis Toufektsis on stage
Videography and trailer editing by Kostas Dinis

Date - Starting time
Thursday 26th and Friday 27th of January 2023, at 21:00

The venue
Fougaro Art Center - Space 9, 98 Asklepiou Avenue, Nafplio
With impressive architecture, aesthetics and theatricality, the independent area of "Space 9" is located next to the Fougaro Gallery and is structured on 2 levels, hosting small periodic exhibitions of works and art objects by Greek and foreign artists.


Reservations - Information
Mrs. Leto Nikoloutsou
Τ. +30 694 1689 734

Did you know that?
The book "Holly Mountain" was written by the author in three days, in a flash of inspiration. It is inspired by the author's interest in the concept of time confused, generally as a philosophical question, but it didn't start that way; it started about the concept of "the lie". Vergetis wanted to make it an anthem to lies...
The writer Nikos Vergetis lives and works in Athens. His books "Holy Mountain" (2017) and "At the Corner of Hippocrates and Asclepius' streets" (2019) are published by Keleuthos publications and "Torki Bar" (2021) by Erma publications. As of October 2020, he is behind the "Kypseli" publications.
In the play that is performed, the thesis of Leto Nikoloutsou is presented. The supervising professors are Ms. Ioanna Tzartzani and Ms. Anna Tsichli (University of Peloponnese, School of Fine Arts, Department of Theater Studies).

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