Fougaro - "An open couple…", May 22-23rd and 25-26th 2024

Fougaro entrance Nafplio, είσοδος Φουγάρο Ναύπλιο

The Theatrical Group of the Nafplio Culture Gate, in its 4th theatrical attempt, presents at Fougaro Art Center, the play by Dario Fo and Franca Rame "An open couple...almost wide open!", directed by Mrs. Emilia Valvi.

After A. Chekhov's short stories "Chekhov Express Wagon" (2021), A. Papadiamantis' "The Christmas Bread" (2022) and "Heterotopias" at the Rhea factory (2023), the group is tested for the first time in a complete theatre play -a famous comedy- by Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo and his great companion Franca Rame.

A man and a woman fight - sometimes comically, sometimes not - trying to claim freedom: in their relationship, in love, in equality, in a life together. The proposal for a free love affair comes from the husband, upsetting the partner and the delicate balance between them. Will the relationship manage to find a new common code or not? Can a relationship include more than two people? Is love possessive and exclusive or inclusive and open to indeterminate patterns?
All these questions return to the theatre stage, more topical than ever, through the bold and hilarious dialogues of the -arguably- unique theatre couple Fault and Rame.

In the play, the couple is a man and a woman. In this particular interpretive attempt, 16 couples try to interpret this unique couple, offering their own perspective with gusto.
A 26-member social theatre troupe, a "chorus" of men and a "chorus" of women "play" with the theatrical codes of ancient Attic comedy, commedia del' arte and contemporary performance, trying out the roles of Antonia and her husband, in order to shed multifaceted light on this couple and entertain the audience, with humor and merciless satire.
The brilliant humor and subtle satire of Italian Nobel laureate Dario Fo and partner Franca Rame put us in the couple's bedroom and make us complicit...

Ένα ανοιχτό ζευγάρι…σχεδόν ορθάνοιχτο, Coppia aperta performance Nafplio Greece

Performance information
Direction, translation, music by Mrs. Emilia Valvi
Props / costumes: the team

Louisa Athanasiadis, Vivi Athanasopoulou, Stavroula Alexopoulou, Thalia Velegraki, Katerina Vergadou, Yannis Giatrakos, Matina Goga, Voula Dedea, Christina Zissopoulou, Sakis Kakarantzas, Andreas Kakolyris, Dina Kalogeropoulou, Charis Karapostolis, Christos Katsiris, Christina Klidona, Anastasia Koloniotou, Maria Marathianou, Fotis Milis, Dimitris Michaloglou, Dina Michalopoulou, Sula Panagiotou, Konstantinos Sotiropoulos, Nassos Tzavaras, Spyros Tsaras, Despina Flevaris.

Performance Dates - Time
Wednesday, May 22nd 2024, at 21:00
Thursday, May 23rd 2024, at 21:00
Saturday, May 25th 2024, at 21:00
Sunday, May 26th 2024, at 21:00

With a free contribution (coupon) of 8€, to support the Social Grocery.
The performance is not suitable for children under 12 years old (inappropriate phrasing).

Ένα ανοιχτό ζευγάρι…σχεδόν ορθάνοιχτο, Coppia aperta performance Nafplio Greece

Contact - Reservations
 +30 694 789 1692

The venue
Fougaro Art Center, 98, Asklipiou Ave., Nafplio GR 211-00 Argolis Greece
Τ. +30 27520 47300

Did you know that?
The "Nafplion Culture Gate" Association was founded in 2008 by a group of citizens, with the aim of intervening and contributing to the improvement of the lives of the citizens of the area. In particular, its purpose is the production, promotion of art and culture and the protection of the environment, through actions and informative events. In addition, over the years, workshops in theatre, music, visual arts, vocal arts, painting and various other subjects are organized, aimed at adults and children.
Since 2011, the social grocery store "The Gate of Love" has been operating (by the Nafplion Cultural Gate Association). It collects and distributes food and other essentials to vulnerable families of Nafplio, offered by our fellow citizens, businesses and institutions (schools, etc.).
After the performance and the discussion about good Art, it's time for beautiful music and relaxed conversation, with good company! Enter the Fougaro Café-Bistrot and enjoy it, with snacks or a meal and a fine glass of wine!

Ένα ανοιχτό ζευγάρι…σχεδόν ορθάνοιχτο, Coppia aperta performance Nafplio Greece

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