Nafplio - "Arkas" comics performance, July 11th 2019

The "Methexis" theatrical productions company presents this summer -on a big tour throughout Greece- the adjusted theatrical performance of the comics series "Life After Low Flights" of our beloved Arkas. The heroes of Arka, after their successful appearances in Athens, pop out from the comic book pages and come alive, with a large group of contemporary famous actors.
"Life After", "Isovite", "Low Flight", "Kastrato", "Hair pulled against Hair" starring in the hilarious "Life after Low Flight" performance, which will will bring a liberating laughter in everybody's lips, to cast away all bitterness...

Daddy sparrow tries to overcome the betrayal of his wife sparrow, to find a new companion and to restrain the "monster" that he has for a son. "Isovite" (the life sentenced - convicted)  finds comfort in the only creature that offers him his friendship (undamaged), the stinking mouse Montechristo, while the Death Sentenced writes his autobiography waiting for grace. Lucretia desperately wants sex, but cruel fate is the only "hard" thing that she encounters, as her roommate is the eunuch Kastrato. Inside a hair salon, "words have no bones but bones they break" as often said, and the customers are about to grab one another by the hair! Finally, in hell and in heaven things are not like we are told. The afterlife exists, but something always reminds us of the life before...

In "Life After Low Flights", the texts and characters of our favorite cartoonist come alive, commenting in a simple but caustic way the everyday life of the modern Greek, his human relationships, his fears, his cravings and his metaphysical concerns. A theatrical performance addressed boldly to anyone who love Arkas and is not afraid to look with sarcasm his face in the mirror.

Dimitris Agoras, Alexis Vidalakis, Thanassis Viskadourakis, Sofia Vogiatzaki, Giorgos Galitis, Mara Darmousli, Katerina Theochari, Petros Bousoulopoulos, christos Tripodis, Giorgos Chatzis.

The performance
Thursday, July 11th, in OSE Small Theater, Nafplio

100 minutes - no intermission

Starting time

General admission: 15 €
Pre-sale: 12 € (in or dialing the 11876​​​​​​)
Children: 10 €
Unemployed, Students, Over 65 y.o., Large Families: 12 €

Writer: ARKAS
Theatrical Adaptation - Direction: Dimitris Agoras
Choreographies: Antigoni Gyra
Costumes: Konstantinia Vafiadou, Sophia Dristela
Art Direction: Christos Tripodis
Associate director: Manos Tsotras
Production: "Methexis", Christos Tripodis

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Ζωή Μετά Χαμηλών Πτήσεων του Αρκά παραγωγή Μέθεξις Ναύπλιο, Arkas Methexis Nafplio

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