OSE Theatre Nafplio - "Blood becomes water", July 31st 2022

sunset romance in Nafplio

The black comedy "Blood becomes water", directed and written by Odysseas Krithariotis of the Genesis Theater Group, comes in Nafplio as part of their tour, on Sunday July 31st 2022, at the OSE Theater.

The play is a theater of the absurd and touches on the relationship between two vampires, who survive today, with all the difficulties of modern times. Through a metaphor of situations, events of the social condition of people are satirized, as it has been formed nowadays, where it directly affects the life of vampires. A new Greek play, which appears for the first time on the Greek stage, with a multitude of social messages about violence, various conflicts between people etc., racism, prejudices, but also the difficulties that evolution brings, with man being unprepared to manage it. An ingenious text, which brings a lot of laughter, a little fear but also emotional moments in the audience.

Theatrical type
Black Comedy, Romantic comedy, theater of the absurd.

90 minutes

The story
Count Cornelius and Elvira are a couple. An unusual couple for the time, since they are both vampires. But the worst thing is that their families, many years ago, chose to come and grow up here, in this country. Now, in the modern age of media, uncontrollable socialization and unbridled pluralism, where things seem difficult for the survival of any earthly entity, the two seem to have adapted to their particular way of life, while an unexpected separation will bring them into social contact with the world of people and will further shake the already troubled waters of their daily lives.

Directed / Written
by Odysseas Krithariotis

Manolis Mamalakis, Eleni Mylona, Apostolia Sotiriou

Costume design: Danae Giannoulaki
Assistant Costume Designer: Katerina Giannoulaki
Sets: Panagiotis Babas, Odysseas Krithariotis
Public Relations Manager: Andreas Charisiotis
Production: Key Key Art Productions
Facebook page: Facebook Genesis Theater 
Internet pages: 1., 2.
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Starting time

Ticket price
General admission 8 € 

Τ. +30 690 6216719

Blood becomes water theatrical performance 2022, Το αίμα νερό γίνεται παράσταση 2022
Blood becomes water theatrical performance 2022, Το αίμα νερό γίνεται παράσταση 2022

Did you know that?
The Genesis Theater Group has been active in the theater since 2014. It now has offered a number of performances in well-known theaters in Athens and the province. Having changed many of its members, but keeping the same philosophy of the love for theater, culture and respect for the spectators, it continues to promote culture. In the path set by the Group's work last year, with the performances of the play "Unredeemed Souls", this creative ensemble continues with a new work, the black comedy entitled "Blood becomes water".
The premiere of the play is on July 8th 2022 -since then every Friday- in Athens, at the Garden Theater of the Alexandria Multipurpose Art Center (14, Sparta str. America Square).

Director's note
"Blood becomes water" is not just a black comedy of misunderstandings and coincidences. Behind the ludicrous story of our protagonists, comedic-tragic situations and events of our time are satirized, which often takes on an air of surrealism, when even the most improbable science fiction scenarios are seen to happen over time. Banish the prejudices and enjoy the absurd in an objectively, particularly pleasant black comedy.

Το αίμα νερό γίνεται παράσταση 2022, Blood becomes water theatrical performance 2022

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